Maurica from the Lower East Side: Daaassss It


Maurica is very "on trend," dressed in a sophisticated, dual toned color palette.  Notice how she fearlessly combines red and pink?  Have you eva met anybody with enuf karisma as ha?

Maurica also cleverly solves the issue of not fitting into womens' shoes by wearing slippers that comfortably let her feet hang out of the backs.  She probably found these slippers on Canal Street in Chinatown, if you have an interest in purchasing a similar pair. 

Also please notice Maurica's smart choice in pajama bottoms. I enjoy clothing that provides functionality while also stating a clear message. In this case the message is: CALL HER, especially if you're from Westchesta.
& don't look at her feet because she's self-conscious about them
& she'll school your ass in basketball

"I was All-City. DAASS ITTT!!!"

Get Maurica from the Lower East Side's Look:

Loewe Spring 2011

Lanvin Spring 2011


We Can Marry Who We Love in NYC. And sandwiches like this are amazing:

 Jealous??!!  It's a sandwich called "The Godfather".  Any sandwich with this name better mean it, and it does. You TOO can get one at the Graham Avenue Meats and Deli.

In other news I finally decided on a pair of short boots! (see here) My River Island Safina boots finally came.  At $112 they are my cheaper alternative to the $500 Rag & Bone model that I've been wanting.  The Rag & Bone short boots are bad ass too but they cost more than I want to spend on a pair of shoes at this point. Someone want to pay off my grad school loans?  Then I can start putting more fancy things on this blog!  Didn't think so :(  I LOVE these boots so much I really haven't taken them off since they came in the mail.  Good thing I don't have a boyfriend because I've been wearing them to bed and I kick A LOT. I think I'm going to buy a black pair too.


(I'm going to have so many fabulous weddings to attend in the near future. I can't wait!!!!!!)


I'm A Little Creepy

What I wore:

Dress turned into Shirt (thrift)
Belt turned into Bracelet (thrift)
Denim Shorts, Levi's 550s
Lunor Sunnies
Forever 21 Wrist Cuff
Bebe wedge booties

More photos from my shoot with my main men Mario Torres and Jamar Graham.  We turned a dress into a shirt and a belt into a bracelet: two unusable items rethought and BAM they become usable. The shorts are even made from high waisted Levi's 550s that I cut off. *Please disregard the fact that I look sort of creepy, a la Dr. Strangelove style, especially in the first photo.  I'm just spying on you via the reflection in the picture frame. NBD.

For me fashion is thinking outside of the box constantly- a balancing act between the cereberal and going with your gut, tuning into what's around you and then owning it and making it yours, even if the result is, well, creepy. We all get ideas and are influenced by what's outside of us. But don't straight up copy without giving your own voice to something!  That's lame! Every step of the way- OUTSIDE OF THE BOX YA'LL.   Mostly my gut is hungry for breakfast right now so I'm gonna peace out. Happy Thursday my loves!


Things That Touch Me (right there)

I ganked the first image of the ring from my friend Claire's tumblr blog. Rings with animals on them really make me feel warm and fuzzy and fierce, all at the same time.  This  particular ring can be found on Etsy and is called "Rabid Fox". SOLD. 

The bed image always touches me right there (pointing to inappropriate place).  It makes me want to crawl into it to read, nap and laze when I should be doing many, many more important things. REBEL NAP!

I love homeless dudes. What can I say?

Patti Smith: you're my heart.


There's Something about a Man in a Bathrobe

There's something about each one of these dudes that inspires me.  The first dude inspires me mostly because he's wearing a bathrobe.  If I had my druthers he would step into SOME sort of light source so we could see it a little better but the world doesn't revolve around me, which is really stupid.  Anyways, we all know how much I love bathrobes (see here and here). A dude in a bathrobe is even more appealing than a chic in a bathrobe. Fact. 

A few months back I talked a lot about how I would wear bathrobes in public if it were socially acceptable. Well, it turns out it is! *break for Dance of Joy*  Women, especially, are rocking kimonos and caftan bathrobes all up in this piece.  GOD, I'm prophetic! I'll do another post on the female version shortly so you can see examples of how right I was. 

The other images kind of speak for themselves- the hair, the sunglasses, the mangy cardigan, the hat?   If you don't get it I don't know what to tell you....And if you DO get it, you're mad cool and we should be BFFs. Call me!  Don't really call me. Unless you're hot and straight and available. If you don't know that the second and third images are of Morrissey and Kurt Cobain, you're way too young to be reading this blog (cover your eyes and stop reading NOW, this is big people material) OR you live in a dark hole.


I Die Friday: Levi's & Lace & Camel Toe


{Unbridled Crotch Shot}

What I wore:
Levi's 550s
Heels, Calvin Klein
Lace Shirt, Free People

I die over these recent photos Mario Torres took of me.  I'm sorry for the unbridled crotch shot. It's inappropriate and offensive. That is why I posted it.  OK I'm not sorry.  Look at it. Look at it!!

I especially like the first shot, where he unexpectedly hurled me into a mattress on the wall while snapping a pic.  I'm just glad no one was injured. 

I'm majorly digging these high waisted mom jeans that I purchased while thrifting a few weeks ago.  They're Levi's 550s- and they give just a hint of camel toe while also hitting at a high enough point on the torso to be really nerdy, hence two beautiful worlds collide.  I paired them with a leopard print belt and a white lace shirt.  Denim? Lace? Leopard Print? I die.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I hope you all do some major chilling out, maxing , and relaxing all cool.


 Not really. 


Paint It Black

Here are some photos from the shoot that I promised you here.  I will be sharing them little by little. My very talented friend, Mario Torres , was the photographer, and my other good friend and brother from another mother, Jamar Graham, collaborated with me in styling the shoot. Jamar and I met at Parsons and have been attached at the hip since. We had a blast and got some great shots.  We couldn't figure out what to do with this awsome beaded necklace that I got at a Vena Cava sample sale- all the beads are on safety pins. Whaaaat? Unfortunately, we could never get it to lay right.  So I had Jamar put it on my head.  Why wouldn't I?!

Hitting up the Vena Cava sample sale has become an annual thing for me.  I love their clothes and always find some great steals there.  My hair is now white so I'm a little bummed that we took the photos before I got it "did" but I'll be collaborating with Mario and Jamar a lot in the future, so more photos!  Love you. Mean it!

What I wore:
Black Wife Beater
Equestrian Pants, thrift
Black Converse All Stars high tops
Cuffs, Forever 21
Whistle Necklace, Forever 21
Glass Tooth Necklace, bought on street in Soho


Cooler than Cool

 {They need no introduction.}


What's In My Purse

Here's a typical Fashion Blogger Post but sorry it's not in a typical format (i.e. cute or appealing).  Here's a glimpse into the (not so) glamorous innards of my life (i.e. a woman's purse).

What's in MY purse:

-Ice Breakers, half eaten in one sitting
-A bag of little hair bands that spilled all over the bottom that I'm too lazy to clean out
-Crumpled receipts
-Gum wrappers
-Magazine inserts I used to brainstorm new ideas and blot lipstick
-My blogging notebook, where I also brainstorm ideas. Spilled coffee all over it yesterday at work so it's still drying.
-Sugar Lip Treatment- way too expensive but worth it
-Aveeno Skin Brightening Moisturizer, SPF 30, free from Dermatologist office
-Eucerin Skin Cream for ashiness, free from Dermatologist office
-Birth Control Pills that I may or may not have accidentally taken 9 too many this month because I got off and then kept forgetting if I took them or not, so yesterday I realized I should have 10 more but there's only one remaining.
-Contact Lens case to take out my contacts when they get so dry I want to rip my eyes out
-Plastic Umbrella cover (but no umbrella? i'm so prepared.)
-Sephora Lipstick
-Loose Change

*You guys are lucky I quit smoking (basically) because normally there would have been loose tobacco all over the bottom.


I Die Friday: can I has your outfit, younger David Bowie?

Hi younger David Bowie, why did you have to go and marry Iman?  Didn't you see how she said "Faaaashion" in that stupid way with a stupid hand gesture on that stupid show that tried to be Project Runway but SOOOO was NOT that I can't even remember the name of it.

Anywho, I am like totally available. Just so you know.  Just puttin' it out there, younger David Bowie.  BTW can I have your outfit?


My New White(ish) Hairs

So I decided to finally go for it and dye my hair white!  This violet tint is awesome but it will wash out- and thank god because the purple didn't go over so well at work....:) What do you think?


Family Farmhouse in West Virginia & {Old Money Hillbilly}

Mucho Americana. 
 Third from the left (1st row) is my Grandmother with my 1 y/o mother on her lap

Note: mini doggie sculptures on the mantle

CALYPSO ST BARTH long top, $75
See by Chloe tiered skirt, $462
Flat shoes, 17,850 JPY
Forever21 black and white bracelet, $7.80
Chan luu jewelry, $420
Juicy couture hat, $78
Prada, $240
Illesteva leather sunglasses, $230

Admittedly, this post isn't exactly "cool," or my esthetic, or even "fashion" "related" but I just had to share...."share".  A few weeks ago I went to a family reunion at our 800acre family farm in West Virginia.  The land has been in our family since the 1600's! This was my first time seeing the property and I was completely impressed. The experience made me so proud to have Van Metre as my middle name.  Growing up having a last name as a middle name always felt odd and it made me question my parents' competence.  Now I get it and it's cool.

For the first time in many, many years the house on the land has been fixed and is livable. My mother's cousin Alison Van Metre is a very talented interior designer.  Look what she's done with it. Isn't it adorbz????? 
**A comment on this post from my friend Claire inspired me to add an "Old Money Hillbilly" inspired collection after the fact.  I had a sundress on that day but no good pics of me so I decided to recreate a look that would have been way more costly, and therfeore even more appropriate for an "Old Money Hillbilly" :)


Shoot, I'm getting ready for a Shoot

  Wrist cuffs: Forever 21

Had a photoshoot last Sunday.  Pictures forethcoming.  This  is a little documentation of my preparations. Aren't these wrist cuffs KILLA BEE?


Cool and Fancy

I'm kind of obsessed with my little leather, knotted, lace up oxfords by Charlie My Love.  They're the perfect summer shoe! 

The knots are made of alternating suede and patent leather so I can feel cool and fancy at the same time!  Which is always better than the alternative.What?? Does that even mean?? 


Terry Richardson: eat your heart out

Shorts: Levi's 550s, cutoff
Shirt: Asos
Necklaces: Forever 21
Booties: Bebe

Just kidding Terry- you are the one and only!
It's a beautiful Sunday here in NYC.  Go outside and stop blogging, people! I should talk- I'm already blogging and I haven't gotten out of my PJ's, much less used the bathroom.  Weirdo!

Photographer, my dear friend Mario Torres


I Die Friday: dreams about Rick Owens and breastfeeding someone else's child

Melissa Odabash, Jemima Woven Sunhat

Proenza Schouler, Slip Dress

Romwe, Retro Mailbox Blue Bag

Rick Owens, Multi-Knot Platform Mule Wedges

I've been having dreams about buying these Rick Owns wedges. Seriously. They are on "Sale" at Saks for just under $1000...."Sale"?!

I also had a dream last night that I was fooling around with some random dude. In the dream he was my roommate and, coincidentally, also a pretty violent drug dealer. Sweet! If that's not awesome enough I was also breastfeeding his baby momma's child! Does someone have the name of a good therapist? I've got Aetna insurance.   

In real life it's probably more likely that I'll buy these wedges.