The Antwerp Royal Academy had its annual show last week, among the jury were Suzy Menkes and Olivier Theyskens.

Stunningly conceptual, sculptural and all around badass the designs inspired, confounded and pushed the envelope in every direction. The fashion show was repeated over 3 days and saw 6,000 spectators.

Belgian design students have a voice that is notoriously unique and forward in the fashion design world. The show proved that they continue to uphold this legacy.



Ah. Look at that. Just one glance and can't you just hear 'Gloria' from 'Flashdance' blaring in the back ground? And, so it is, gold and sparkles are back- with a vengeance. I am sure the inspiration boards of fashion designers city-wide are bathed in old '80s Thierry Mugler images. While I normally lean towards the more understated, when I see vintage Claude Montana like the one above, my insides scream MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!


Outlaws of the Border

I am interning for a new label this summer launched by Lindsay Jones. It is dark, moody and incredibly well done. 'Outlaws of the Border' is getting some well deserved, and very hot, press: Outlaws of the Border Clothing Launches | Fashion New York - DailyCandy &
Racked : New York City Shopping, Stores, and Retail Scene.

Expect HUGE things for them in the very near future. 'Outlaws' is not only a cutting edge fashion label but also an art and music collective. Finally someone is combining these elements that we already knew were truly inseparable. http://www.outlawsoftheborder.com/