I'm A Little Creepy

What I wore:

Dress turned into Shirt (thrift)
Belt turned into Bracelet (thrift)
Denim Shorts, Levi's 550s
Lunor Sunnies
Forever 21 Wrist Cuff
Bebe wedge booties

More photos from my shoot with my main men Mario Torres and Jamar Graham.  We turned a dress into a shirt and a belt into a bracelet: two unusable items rethought and BAM they become usable. The shorts are even made from high waisted Levi's 550s that I cut off. *Please disregard the fact that I look sort of creepy, a la Dr. Strangelove style, especially in the first photo.  I'm just spying on you via the reflection in the picture frame. NBD.

For me fashion is thinking outside of the box constantly- a balancing act between the cereberal and going with your gut, tuning into what's around you and then owning it and making it yours, even if the result is, well, creepy. We all get ideas and are influenced by what's outside of us. But don't straight up copy without giving your own voice to something!  That's lame! Every step of the way- OUTSIDE OF THE BOX YA'LL.   Mostly my gut is hungry for breakfast right now so I'm gonna peace out. Happy Thursday my loves!