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I Die Friday: these boots and some great news

I know it sometimes seems that all I talk about are short boots but it's my blog, I border on dangerously obsessed with them, and I can do what I want. OMG I can't stop looking at these. Want so bad. 

Also I've got great news! I'm the new Fashion Coordinator for Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne's online magazine naag.com!! I'll be writing much of the fashion content for the site, coordinating the editorial photo shoots, and covering New York Fashion Week. I'm OVER THE MOON excited about this opportunity- Agyness has been a style icon of mine for years and to work with her and Fiona's awesome publication is an honor. I hope you'll check naag.com out. I'll start sharing my posts with you as soon as they come out! I die. Really.


Verameat: jewelry for the twisted little kid in all of us

A few weeks back my friend Claire took me to the East Village flagship store opening of her favorite jeweler Verameat , located on East 9th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. I have always admired Claire's Verameat jewelry- there is something so raw, and yet irreverent and silly, about the hand hanging from her neck and her sterling silver knuckle ring made from the mold of a set of teeth.  The artist behind the line, Vera Balyura, was at the store opening and we got to chatting. She informed me that this denture-type design was made from actual molds of her own, uniquely vampire-like, teeth.  

There were so many different, whimsical, yet comical, yet horrifying charms to choose from: little cowboys shooting guns, airplanes, french bulldog heads, sea creatures, and the list goes on.  I walked away having purchased a Wolf charm necklace- 14K gold fill over gold brass - and I have gotten countless compliments on it since.  There is something for the twisted little kid in all of us from Verameat's line and I'll definitely be returning for more.


It's Mad Hot Out- you have my permission to wear as little as possible

     Photography: Barbara Bushwick

What I wore:
Vintage Body Suit
H&M Shorts
Romwe Stacked Sandals
Verameat Necklace

This heat wave has been brutal and, when it comes to clothes, I say wear as little as you can get away with.  As you can see, I rolled up to my friends' birthday picnic this weekend wearing next to nothing. In some countries clothes are illegal.  Just kidding. Wait, maybe that's true?  Ima go Wikipedia it. 


Meet My Friend Brian. He Is Cool!

What Brian wore:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Baseball Cap (he doesn't watch the games so don't ask him about them!)

Lately I've had a bunch of requests from my male friends to start covering men's fashion.  What better way to start than inspired by one of my own male friends, Brian?!  I ran into Brian on Thursday night and was really digging his steez.  I love a man in a baseball cap and thick framed glasses. I think I first fell in love with this look when Spike Lee rose to fame.  

There is just something so smart and solid about this look.  Plus, baseball hats are hot and fedora's suck: they're a great way to fuck up an outfit. So don't wear them, especially if you're a guy.  The fedora phase has died. It had it's moment and its now over. Amen. RIP.  I'm all for interesting and androgynous male styles but when it comes down to it I really just like dudes to look like dudes. 

Also, can we please talk about mens' shorts?  I really liked Brian's choice in shorts- in this case he wore American Apparel.  I liked them because they are relaxed and loose fitting. Way too many male hipsters are wearing tight denim cutoffs that encase their legs like sausages and give their belly's nowhere to go but into a muffin top. Stop the madness! This style only works if the dude is manorexic or blessed with frog legs.  Sorry, but I just had to get that out.

Back to Brian! Brian had some understated touches to his outfit that I  really appreciated- the bold red color of his straightforward Vans tennis shoes, the Swatch Watch and the boom box print on his simple t-shirt.  Watches are where it's at these days - especially since they have become sort of unnecessary as we all have cell phones. Their frivolousness makes them kind of retro and also a more thoughtful accessory than functional, which I find endearing and cool. Get a similar look to Brian: 

Get Brian's Look

Vans rubber shoes, $99
American Apparel clear jewelry, $120
New Era embroidered fitted hat, £27
Ksubi Al Nair Optical Glasses, $210
Volcom Smooth Water Chino Short, $45
Tshirt, £11


Gyo-Rai-Gyo: the most adorbs Japanese duo EVER

Gyo-Rai-Gyo: Sawano Shozo and Akazawa Yuri

Shaggy from Scooby Doo: Fashion ICON

Monday night I went to Cake Shop in the Lower East Side to see my friends' band.  I'd never been to this cool music venue before so I was pretty thrilled to find that you can really watch music AND EAT CAKE at the same time. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was disappointed not to run into Maurica from the Lower East Side but I soon overcame my disappointment when I was distracted and impressed by the awesome steez of this Japanese duo Gyo-Rai-Gyo.   The male half, Sawano Shozo, on guitar and vocals, was barefoot, shagged out and absolutely swimming in his t-shirt.  Sheer fashion glory. A sort of Asian Shaggy from Scooby Doo, it looked like looked like he was wearing PJ's.  Swoon!  We all know that I adore clothes that look like PJs- bathrobes, big Ts- any sort of sleeping attire- well Sawano took this to another level. And he could rock too.

Side note, go see the movie Terri and you will see how I really want to dress everyday: main character wears PJ's ALL THE TIME.  He doesn't give a shit.  The girl, Akazawa Yuri, on drums and vocals, was equally adorable.  This chic was not only hot because she has serious drumming chops, but she also she wore the cutest shirt in the entire world and had the most adorable haircut.  I wanted to put this duo in my pocket and keep them forever.  But that would be strange and creepy and impossible if you really think about it.


Transparency - how to and how to not

J. Mendel, Alberta Ferreti, Givenchy Spring 2011 RTW, images: nymag.com

Wife Beater- H&M
Printed Skirt- Forever 21
Translucent Dress- Vintage
Wrist Cuffs- Forever 21
Sun Glasses- Ray Ban Wayfarers
Whistle Necklace- Forever 21
Wedge Booties- Bebe
Floppy Hat- NYC street vendor
It is Monday morning and, after a weekend of fun in the sun, I'm exhausted and need another weekend to recover yo.  This cup of coffee is barely getting me off my feet.  Fortunately I have these photos that I've been meaning to post.  They're from a shoot that I did a few weeks back with photographer Mario Torres and stylist Jamar Graham.

Jamar and I put a translucent black dress over a wife beater and a tribal print skirt.  The effect is ethereal and romantic.  Full disclosure: I'm not a huge fan of the long translucent maxi skirt over short opaque maxi skirt trend because the proportions feel odd and kitschy to me.  I'm not into fashion "tricks". I do, however, like the way this combination worked out because, rather than just a translucent skirt, this is a dress which elongates the frame. Also the tribal print of the skirt underneath added extra dimension and interest.  See below how NOT to wear this trend. In this image there are too many things going on, too many layers, the white the orange, the velvet, the bowler, the boots. YIKES.  Too distracting and not cohesive.  Fashion Trickery = Yuk.




I Die Friday: the perfect summer sandal

Need it. Want it. 

There are a few things on earth that I'm convinced I'd be a more complete, happy person if I owned them.  You can't tell me differently.  The first item is an iPhone (I know, I know.  I'm the last person on earth who doesn't have one but for some reason I have two Blackberries instead. Lame, long story #whitegirlproblems), the second is some sort of small dog such as a chihuahua or a french bull dog, and the third is this Neon Miu Miu Sandal.  Donations welcome.  BTW isn't this iPhone cover awesome? I found it on the internets.  


Heck Yeah Kim Gordon

If you haven't checked out Kim Gordon's line WILDFOX, it's definitely worth a gander. Gordon, rock legend of Sonic Youth fame, has long been known for her fashion flair and her new clothing line does not disappoint.  The intarsia sweater above especially caught my eye but I really love the entire collection. Inspired by "sleepovers, beautiful books, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts,"  the line has a wearable, boho chic, cool girl sort of vibe that's sexy, cheeky and fun too.  Just my steez.


Monday Cures

The BAD news is that Mondays are really lame but the GOOD news is that Angelina Jolie is hot,  little statues of dogs and pelicans with neon lampshades are their heads are cool, and this dress from Givenchy Resort is totally out of reach but so fun to fantasize about. 

If these things don't cheer you up I give you permission to eat McDonald's for lunch. Happy Monday!


I Die Friday: When '90's Winona Wasn't Cray Cray

'90s Winona {minus the hair}

Wasn't '90s Winona so amazeballs before she became a Cray Cray Klepto??? Her earrings are so fly!   The turquoise and silver Native American jewelry vibe is currently making a huge comeback thanks, in no small part, to the influence of Erin Wasson x Low Lov Jewelry (see this and this). 

Before I was born my parents lived on an Indian Reservation.  My mother passed on a lot of turquoise, silver and beaded jewelry to me but my '90's kid self wore the jewelry constantly and lost most of it. FAIL! God I'm mad at my irresponsible '90s  kid self right now!  Anyways, thank goodness '90s Winona's hair in this picture has NOT made a comeback. But, whatever, 90's Winona, who cares about your awful hair? You were PERFECT to me.


Son of John & I May Need an Intervention

Photography: Andrea Lord

A few pics of me wearing a T-shirt and sweater from my friend Andrea Lord's line, Son of John. Andrea and her business partner, Kristen Johnson, are originally LA natives but began the line in Brookyn.  They are heavily influenced by the city, mixing elements of downtown grunge with glitz and glam, and they appeal to any cool girl's hidden rock star. The line has grown quickly and its success is unsurprising considering that this T-shirt and sweater heavy collection offers high end designer cut, quality and fabrication, at a much lower price point.   The cut of the tops are truly exceptional and the uber soft recycled cottons are heavenly - add a print of tiny leopards and BAM. Sold!

I am a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl so the Son of John collection is particularly appealing to me. There are few things sexier than a really great T-shirt and jeans. I have started to live in Son of John T's.  I never take them off.  Seriously.  It is kind of gross.  I may need an intervention.  Just sayin'.