the yin and the yang

Who ever said black, white, and the vast and lovely spectrum of grays in between are boring? Probably no one. At least no one who knows anything about what's cool, chic, and awesome. Today's post is a nod to black and white stripes, heather grey jersey, silver spandex , and porcelain sinks with black faucets…the alluring force of of black and white is the yin and the yang of design that's at once provoking, calming, mesmerizing and sexy. ill. so ill.

Theophilus London - Sorry To Interrupt

ode to summer and things beneath the sea

One of the best things about the late '80s and early '90s was the indulgent use of color. Vibrant, deep, deep, deep, sea creature color. The resurgence of these colors be-speckle wardrobes across the city this summer and there is something ethereal about their use. Whether it's a in a pair of neon green Ray Ban Wayfares or a hot pink toe nails some fashionistas (and fashionistos) are rocking the colors in beautiful ways. I see new and creative, otherworldly uses of these tricky tones everywhere and they are so, deliciously, summery.


nAUGHTY nautical

Maybe it's my WASPy roots which harken me back to childhood summers on Cape Cod, but a part of me is touched by obvious, old fashion, nautical details in a resort collection. Nina Ricci's dress and peep-toes above do it just the way I like it. Wicker chairs are evoked through sexy navy blue platforms and sail boat rope knots are channeled through the ties on a fusia silk chiffon dress. Cape Cod meets Bryant Park: two places I love too much not to slap the rags that have been inspired by their likeness on my limbs and go coovorting down a rocky beach next to an Atlantic shore that's too cold for any sane, non-blue blooded person to step foot in. Granted, Ricci's nautical resort re-incarnations are no mere rags.