I Die Friday: dreams about Rick Owens and breastfeeding someone else's child

Melissa Odabash, Jemima Woven Sunhat

Proenza Schouler, Slip Dress

Romwe, Retro Mailbox Blue Bag

Rick Owens, Multi-Knot Platform Mule Wedges

I've been having dreams about buying these Rick Owns wedges. Seriously. They are on "Sale" at Saks for just under $1000...."Sale"?!

I also had a dream last night that I was fooling around with some random dude. In the dream he was my roommate and, coincidentally, also a pretty violent drug dealer. Sweet! If that's not awesome enough I was also breastfeeding his baby momma's child! Does someone have the name of a good therapist? I've got Aetna insurance.   

In real life it's probably more likely that I'll buy these wedges.