Beautiful Blatant Ryan McGinley Rip Offs.

Above are four beautiful photographs from the most recent Dazed Digital publication (www.dazeddigital.com)- the first from the top by photographer Nico Krijno, the middle two by Sofia Ajram, and the last by Craigie Horsfield. The images are also blatant rip offs of Ryan McGinley's fantastical work (see bottom four images). In the Dazed publication there are accompanying interviews with the photographer's of these images, exploring their artistic inspirations etc.: not once do the artists reference Ryan McGinley as an inspiration. Below is Ryan McGinley's work (spanning a collection of work that proceeds the above by several years). What is wrong with this picture? Why can't artists just own up to their real inspirations, especially if they are so (stupidly, ridiculously, shamelessly) obvious?!


Yolandi Vi$$er

Last night my friend and partner Jamar Graham (@TreatedMaterial) turned me on to the hip hop group Die Antwoord, from Cape Town South Africa. I was immediately lured in by the obscene and wild imagery from their videos (read: they wear rats), their bust ya shit open beats, their controversial messages, oh… and then their was Yolandi Vi$$er, the high pitched female vocalist. A few moments spent contemplating the pixie Afrikaner, whose beach blonde beauty came with balls only comparable to Debbie Harry's, and another rocker chick girl crush happened fast. And this morning I'm continuing my week of blog ogling rock chix with sweet ass styz. I hope you'll bear with me on my little idolization bender.

A little bit of image searching this morning and I realized one of my favorite photos, that I've already posted on this blog, is the 2nd half of Yolandi's body (see last photo). What called me to the photo in the first place is exactly what I love about Yolandi- sometimes she looks like a character straight out of the early 80's club scene. In fact, that's where I thought this picture was from. Move your eyes upward however and her fashion forward, shorn mullet-ish haircut, brings us straight into 2010 (and beyond). She can wear gold spandex with abandon. She is endlessly versatile and can be both childish and sexy in a way that is different from any other female rockstar I've seen. She goes from bombshell, to child, to child in a halloween costume in milliseconds. Sometimes dressing in spandex and crop tops, sometimes taking off all her clothes completely, sometimes dressing like a child in t-shirts and short shorts, or in oversized pajama type outfits or one-sies, or like a creepy character from Lord of the Rings. There is something both off-putting and endearing about her antics. Oh and she is really, really HOT.


One bored night last week I gave myself a shag haircut using only a pair of fabric scissors

I'm mostly interested in the girl on the left from this "The Runaways" still. Why? The Breakdown: High Waisted Denim Short Shorts with Pockets Sticking Out: HOT. Knee High Black Boots: HOT. Horizontal Striped Shirt, Thick Brown Belt, Long Necklace, Thick Bracelet, Shaggy natural dirty blonde Haircut: HOT. **True story: One bored night last week I gave my own dirty blonde locks a shag hair cut with thick bangs using only a pair of fabric scissors. It went pretty well. It could have been a disaster. I don't recommend doing this ever.


More Alison Mosshart. Because I have a girl crush.

VV? Terry Richardson? Fur Coats? Biker Jackets? Smoking? Excessive Jewelry? Throwing yourself down in the middle of the STAGE? There are few things in the world I'd be happier to die wearing and to die doing. Well not doing Terry Richardson…sorry Terry. I'm sure you care.


God I love Alison Mosshart

Queen of cool Alison Mosshart aka VV, of the band 'The Kills', is one of my fashion idols. Her style is the epitome of rockstar chic and most days I just want to look like her. She knows how to wear four of my favorite clothing items like a pro- ripped jeans, flannels, leopard print and cowboy boots. She is so effortlessly beautiful: she always wears her clothes and never lets her clothes wear her. I read an article where she said that she didn't ever wear shoes that she couldn't run in and I respect this philosophy. I have a love hate relationship with heels and have only just started to incorporate them into my wardrobe. When I am most respecting myself and my body, I am wearing fairly flat comfortable shoes. Heels, no matter how you cut it, are just kind of a rough thing to do to your feet!


My new website and business: Rachel Kibbe, Image Consulting and Wardrobe Stylist

Hi Folks,

Sorry this blog has been so badly neglected. I cannot BELIEVE it is already halfway through October and that I haven't posted since August. I promise to start posting again starting now! I have been so busy with trying to pay the rent and working on a fledgling clothing line that it just kind of escaped me. I'd love to share with you my new website for my Image Consulting and Personal Shopping business. Please check it out- (warning: it is still a work in progress) http://www.wix.com/rachelkibbe/imageconsultant. Please spread the word if you know anyone who needs a personal shopper or a Wardrobe Stylist for fashion, TV and Film.