Maurica from the Lower East Side: Daaassss It


Maurica is very "on trend," dressed in a sophisticated, dual toned color palette.  Notice how she fearlessly combines red and pink?  Have you eva met anybody with enuf karisma as ha?

Maurica also cleverly solves the issue of not fitting into womens' shoes by wearing slippers that comfortably let her feet hang out of the backs.  She probably found these slippers on Canal Street in Chinatown, if you have an interest in purchasing a similar pair. 

Also please notice Maurica's smart choice in pajama bottoms. I enjoy clothing that provides functionality while also stating a clear message. In this case the message is: CALL HER, especially if you're from Westchesta.
& don't look at her feet because she's self-conscious about them
& she'll school your ass in basketball

"I was All-City. DAASS ITTT!!!"

Get Maurica from the Lower East Side's Look:

Loewe Spring 2011

Lanvin Spring 2011