The Antwerp Royal Academy had its annual show last week, among the jury were Suzy Menkes and Olivier Theyskens.

Stunningly conceptual, sculptural and all around badass the designs inspired, confounded and pushed the envelope in every direction. The fashion show was repeated over 3 days and saw 6,000 spectators.

Belgian design students have a voice that is notoriously unique and forward in the fashion design world. The show proved that they continue to uphold this legacy.



Ah. Look at that. Just one glance and can't you just hear 'Gloria' from 'Flashdance' blaring in the back ground? And, so it is, gold and sparkles are back- with a vengeance. I am sure the inspiration boards of fashion designers city-wide are bathed in old '80s Thierry Mugler images. While I normally lean towards the more understated, when I see vintage Claude Montana like the one above, my insides scream MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!


Outlaws of the Border

I am interning for a new label this summer launched by Lindsay Jones. It is dark, moody and incredibly well done. 'Outlaws of the Border' is getting some well deserved, and very hot, press: Outlaws of the Border Clothing Launches | Fashion New York - DailyCandy &
Racked : New York City Shopping, Stores, and Retail Scene.

Expect HUGE things for them in the very near future. 'Outlaws' is not only a cutting edge fashion label but also an art and music collective. Finally someone is combining these elements that we already knew were truly inseparable. http://www.outlawsoftheborder.com/


Victorian age pendant ca. 1890. I want it.


From a shameless music snob, please watch this: http://www.imeem.com/people/jsF3kLl/video/MvBE279R/beyonce_if_i_were_a_boy_live_at_snl_music_video/

I'm going to give you a little musical background on myself- and I want to make clear that it is not to brag, but to state some facts that will support some surprising opinions that I've developed. The first years of my life were spent in relative rural isolation, in a tiny town in Connecticut that few have ever heard of (believe me, I've asked). As an answer to concerns that this isolation was impairing me socially and mentally- my mother enrolled me in some local violin classes. She chose violin rather than something more typical, like ballet, because ballet classes were over 20 miles away. My first violin teacher had dangerous wild geese in her driveway. And, basically by mishap, I was raised as a violinist. I played the violin pretty much non-stop from the time I was three years old until college. I really took to music and the instrument, to an extent that when my family moved from rural Connecticut to the relative civilization of Cleveland, Ohio, I continued to study. Rather than playing with other children or with dolls, I sang in childrens' choruses, and with operas, on famous stages during the summers, and I spent many an hour in practice studios. My weekends as a child and adolescent were not spent watching TV or developing useful social skills, rather they were spent in musical theory classes, orchestras, group classes and private lessons. I do not begrudge my parents for this, albeit my continual slight social retardation and dorky-ness even at 27 years of age; I am glad that over these year I have learned what it is to work really hard, at a young age, and also what it takes to have an impact or success in the arts. I realize that most of the population view artists as a lackadaisical and lazy lot but I, from my alternative childhood, know that the life of the artist is quite the opposite of that. I realize that to be a successful artist it takes absolute life dedication. Even if your clothes look ripped and disorganized, I know that, if you are an artist, this has probably been planned. Anyways I digress...the basic point is that I have been trained in music and performance from the before I can remember; I've played entire concertos, I've worked with some very famous musical figures. Basically I am a musical snob and in general have very little appreciation for pop or anything that is poplar. HOWEVER and I just want to say, despite that this is a GREAT performance, both musically and stage presence wise, and I think all should witness it. Please sit back and watch this all female band rock your world, live, and with great camera contact (click on play button if it doesn't go): http://www.imeem.com/people/jsF3kLl/video/MvBE279R/beyonce_if_i_were_a_boy_live_at_snl_music_video/. What it lack in technique, it makes up for in soul, musicality and shear sex appeal. She is going places.


I reigned in the New Year last night with two of my favorite gals in the world- old college buddy Kristin and a newer NYC buddy, Mary. The night was just as New Years should be in my book: cheap and with live music. We saw a great Brazilian group at a small Park Slope watering hole that was packed to the gills. Unfortunately it was dangerously cold outside- near or below zero and we actually braved the trip back into the Village to go to a more upscale scene where everyone was at least six feet tall. I felt like a dwarf.

Anyways- I am looking forward to see what 2009 holds. There is so much opportunity for change and we are all waiting with bated breath in my circles in the hope that this change will begin to come about. It will take work and gumption and I hope we, as a country, are truly up for the task.