Never underestimate the power of a shift dress

Say what you will about Victoria Bekham, her ridiculous hair cuts and face that may or may not be injected with cement, but the woman knows how to dress to optimize her figure. Her secret seems to be that she mainly sticks to shift dresses in various incarnations. Why? Because a well tailored shift dress can enhance the good and it can hide a myriad of sins. I purchased this pretty wool felt number on Friday when I forgot about my work Christmas party (typical)  and had to run out at lunch and find something STAT. It was a pretty penny but staples like this are essential to have in your closet and are well worth the investment. While you might purchase cheaper things only to throw them in garbage bags and give them to charity next season, this dress is timeless and you can wear it regularly for years. The stellar tailoring of a great designer is hand over fist better than a cheaper version, also it will not wrinkle. Easy and gorgeous, isn't the print to die for and the asymmetrical shoulder so understated and rad?