In Pieces

Austerity is more palatable, more fathomable when observed in its details. Focusing on the smaller parts of something large, taking it in sections, the whole then seems somehow less sinister. More manageable. More mysterious, yes, at times. Design mimics life and isn't 2010 about examining the smaller pieces of what is broken to re-arrange the larger picture into something better?


Monica Vitti

Monica Vitti is an actress known for her roles in Michelangelo Antonioni films during the late '50s and the early '60s, most notably L’avventura. I'm a sucker for '60s fashion, as we all know, and this woman with her exquisite beauty just does.it.for.me. The hair…the eyes. She pulls off both blonde and black hair like she was born with them. And, I love the last photo from a little later in her life- I WANT THOSE GLASSES (and the shirt).


Hats On

Large and fuzzy headwear is where it's at these days. Wide brims, furry embellishments, dreamy and romantic…. and the bigger the better. There is something so organic and treetop-esque about big, bad hats. The trend certainly belongs to fashion's movement towards more economical ways of dressing- accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I love the gentleman's hat shot at Lisbon Fashion Week.


On Naps...

"...I take a nap every day, partly just to recharge, but also there's a little bit of escape in it…. It's like kind of a mini-suicide."- Rick Owens


An Easter Sunday Sartorial Surprise

On Easter Sunday I went to my great friend Mary's, expecting a lovely Easter brunch, when I was presented with a marathon impromptu shopping session. Hours later I would have to take a cab from the Upper East Side back to Brooklyn, dragging three garbage bags full of pre-loved, plunder behind me

Mary's sister Genevieve recently moved to LA. She left in her wake bags and bags and boxes and boxes of things she no longer wants or needs. I could hardly contain my excitement and dove into the pile, coming up for air seldom, sneaking quick bites of quiche feverishly. I asked people what they thought of things. I threw the "thumbs ups" items into a take home pile, which became a mass that took over my chair and soon another chair. Sitting obviously wasn't on my agenda. To name just a few of my scores: a Gucci blazer, a button down vintage Jaeger London blouse, a Vera Bradley Bag and a pair of "Findi" aqua pumps. You heard right, not Fendi's but "Findi's"? Puleez. What's better than the real thing? A knock off with a less than discreet imitation name.

I think I could probably dress myself through the entire summer and into the winter from these bags alone. Thank you Genevieve! I am a huge fan of buying (or being given!) "pre-loved" clothing- for both environmental as well as economic reasons. So, I'm going to start posting pics of me in all of my wonderful new outfits.

Genevieve's Closet #1

The jewelry and maxi dress (photo is cut off but it is a floor length dress) are from Genevieve. The belt was my own. I am belting everything these days. It really emphasizes the waistline, of which I have little. Plus belts rock.


Benjamin Bixby

More on André 3000- because he deserves it. His Spring 2008 menswear line line, Benjamin Bixby, was dandy-tastic . It was also visionary. The dandy is where it's at in the direction of both menswear and
womenswear right now. Of course, André was two years ahead of schedule. The Bixby line was inspired by 1935 football uniforms….ummm Alexander Wang Fall 2010 much?

Hermes/Spring 2010

Alexander Wang/Fall 2010


André this is André

André Lauren Benjamin a.ka. André 3000

Today is a tribute to my favorite Band in the Land, Outkast, and specifically to André
3000. He is a Fashion King and I am obsessed with him, his unique brand of story rap, and every outlandish outfit he has ever worn in his entire life. Really, you don't want to mess with me on the subject. Shhhhh.....Don't say a word. Don't get me started.


The 1960s will always be my mistress

The 1st and last images are models from the 1960s. The middle two images are from this season. Apparently the rest of the world of fashion design is currently as obsessed with 1960s fashion trends as I am. The hair! Puleeez! Does it get any better?? And what hot blooded girl living in Brooklyn doesn't want that lace cami??? Psshhhh.


Making old things new in clever, innovative, and inexpensive ways in design is a current trend direction. As we reflect on the past, and why our current global situation does not seem functional, we will try and reconcile to two: begging, borrowing, and stealing from an eclectic range of historical periods of design. The artist of this picture is Maurizio Anzeri. One of his mediums is creatively combining embroidery over beautiful old photographs. He collaborated with the late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.