Dog Sitting (and cat sitting on my head)

I've been having fun looking after a really sweet dog named Shelby (and a cat that I can't remember his/her name and I feel bad about it). Unfortunately Shelby the dog snores in his sleep and woke me up at 3 am. To add insult to injury the cat sat on my head at 4:18 and wouldn't stop crying until I fed him/her. I really wanted to shower this morning, truly. But after all that early morning chaos I just fell back asleep only in time to wake up and arrive late to work.


Few: An Alternative to the 'Elliot Spitzer Fund'

Yay! I have an alternative to the self sacrificing 'Eliot Spitzer Fund' plan. Sorry New York politicians. Turns out Parsons not only loves me (of course they do) but they are also putting their money where their mouth is and giving me a substantial scholarship. That's right biaaaatches. Now I'll probably only have to work 1/2 as many nights for creepy dishonest policy makers with beautiful, accomplished wives who have sacrificed their lives and youth to stay with their sad, cheatin', asses. Toodles- I've got to go and make a psychologist appointment to work on my obvious anger issues and a psychiatrist appt. for those black out inducing meds that will give me the strength go forward with school fund raising endeavors..oh yeah and make a trip to Walmart to buy a jumbo pack of brown bags.


Food Allergies

So I think I am allergic to wheat. Just puttin' it out there. If I can't be honest with my little blagaroos then God help me, right? Anywho, on top of being a Lactard, you'd think my life was over. But, alas: Do Not Worry! Calm down! Tranquila mi amor! Do not start grinding your teeth at night with worry about me and my nutrition!! With fab stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods in driving distance I have a plethora of wheat free/gluten free/lactose free options. And man does my stomach feel better for the first time since I was 22 after just a week of cutting wheat out. Hallelujah.


The Eliot Spitzer Fund: Paying for Smart Broke Hot chicks Since 2000

Eliot Spitzer has like totally given me an idea about how I am going to pay for school. Sike! Gotcha. You thought I was serious, right? That's funny. But reallly $5,000 per night x 25 nights in a row under the influence of serious pychiatric black out inducing meds or with the use of costume games like the "bag over the head game"= $125,000. Bim, Bam, done, over with. School paid for. I'm a fuckin genius.


Sometimes Everything Stops

Sometimes everything stops in Cleveland, Ohio. Especially on the East side where Lake Erie most intensely blesses us with her lake effect snow. We are all told by the local news to stay inside because no amount of snow plows on this earth would successfully clear the amount of precipitation falling from the sky. On a Saturday afternoon, when emancipation has left me tired and drained and I'd rather sleep the day away, this involuntary shut down on life is most welcome .


Last night's Big Surprise: Parson's School of Design Fashion Studies AAS program Loves Me

Last night I worked out at my little gym. I love this gym, not because they treat you well there, which they don't. The employees are mainly disgruntled college students who haven't been in the real working world yet and they think that just because you pay to go there does not entitle you to be treated civilly or like a guest. For example, the girl at the front desk threw my car keys at me and grunted when I returned my locker key last night. One time they gave me the wrong car keys back and refused to give me my own but that's another story for another self indulgent blog. I love this gym despite its lackluster customer service because it is a two second drive from my home, and near one of the more beautiful, funky and soulful areas of Cleveland, and to top it all off I get to drive over a brick street to get there.

At the gym I was on the elliptical for a half hour and was watching "Big Brother" on the TV overhead; for some mysterious reason I had a ton of energy and I switched machines. This is a pretty dangerous adventuresome thing for me (going with my "emancipation theme", see). I pretty much am a one machine per work out kind of girl so this snazzy move from the elliptical to the treadmill was a BIG CHANGE. The move found me in front of another TV, where I found myself watching "Project Runway", and then I began waxing sappy in my head about the fact that I hadn't gotten into FIT several weeks ago (spent last 6 months learning to sew and draw for this damn application). I was comforted by my international web cam interview in the morning but still felt a tinge of melancholy. I drove home in the freezing Cleveland rain, went to my mail box and found a large envelope addressed from Parson's School of Design. My first thought was that it was kind of mean of them to taunt me with more information selling their school before they sent me a rejection letter but I opened it anyways. Low and behold: I. was. accepted.!!!! Nuts huh? Woohoo!!! Now i have some emancipation decisions to make as my web cam interview with the Spanish press agency this morning went well too. A few years of working for this company and being paid to travel the world would help me save up to pay for an education at Parsons which is like a billion dollars a year. Emancipation in harder than I thought.


My First Time


This is the start of my public "Mid 20s Emancipation", which is not to say the movement hasn't been going on for a while., considering the fact that I am 26 (aka I am several years past my mid 20s). Anywho - this blog I dedicated to all ye in favor of leading an unconventional life. I don't know about ya'll, but my twenties started out pretty rough. Pretty rough indeed. They were a time when I felt like I should know where I am headed, but didn't, and all those things that the adults had around me growing up, that I always believed I'd eventually come to want, I found I do not want, at least not yet: the suburbs, the rock on the finger by 26, the bun in the oven by 28, the American Dream. Lately, after futilely preparing for the GMAT, LSATs, ramming my round self into a square hole for about 3 straight years, I have given up. Or, better said, given myself over to, well, myself. I am embracing all that I am in all my unconventional ways. I am admitting I might just never want to get married, or have kids or have a yard. Perhaps I will. But I don't right now. And that's OK!!! I am looking to return to work internationally, as I did so for my first few years out of college, and get out of the corporate humdrum I feel I have given away several precious years of my life to in a Mid-Western city that is just not ME. This blog will document my journey. Tomorrow morning I have a web-cam interview with an international press agency in Madrid. Wish me luck!!

Also, I'd just like to mention that Hillary won Ohio and I might not be myself for the next few days (does she have to smile so much about it? i even saw her piggy face on the front of "El pais". its really grossing me out.)