Reds on Fusias

Loving this Jill Sander Spring 2011 runway look above.  The color combo is divine.  I'm really digging the current trend of wearing reds and pinks together: shockingly, the combination is super refreshing.  I own an Alexander Wang tank that is the same color as the models shirt - all I need is some reddish orange pants and I am good to go.  Her simple makeup and hair perfectly balance out the bold colors in her outfit. The below images are also lovely variations on this color mix.

 Loewe Spring 2011

Lanvin Spring 2011


Sundays are good when Monday is a holiday...

Heels: Brian Atwood

and if they're not, leopard print and fur will make you feel better.


Marni Marni Marni

Hanging Lamp: Blazon Gleam Pendant, Anthropologie
Shoes: Marni
Sun Glasses: Marni
Girl: Awesome


Yes Mam

Short and sweet today- just wanted to get these three finds up before I go to a Rangers (?!) game in Madison Square Garden. Side note: I love the violence of hockey- is that weird? I also love these three images. They represent some things I really appreciate:  leather!!, mid-century figurines, and awesome fashion illustration.
Illustration by Manuel Rebollo
Dove Sculpture: Cleo Hartwig Dove, mid-century, ebay
Leather Shorts: Hare + Hart


Une femme est une femme

A little inspiration on this cold, New York, Monday morning. Jean-Luc Godard's muse and wife Anna Karina is on this old movie poster. I'm loving the shade of orange and the twinkling lights in the background. Anything that twinkles is so "in" lately and I'm a really happy camper about that. The surealness and fantasy of sparkles make me feel like a kid again.

The second image is from a series taken by photographer Andrew Zuckerman. Zuckerman photographs birds in mid-flight and then removes the natural background, replacing it with a stark white backdrop and giving the images a surreal and painterly quality.

The two images I chose today represent design's current paradoxical trend of breaking objects down into their most basic and beautiful parts while also celebrating excess. This paradox says a lot about our times- perhaps our yearning for a realistic approach is meeting our fantasy about how we wish things really were. Isn't achieving that balance of maintaining a realistic outlook, while not losing a fantastical and childlike optimism for excess, what life is all about anyways? Mine is...


And then there was Alexa….

There are so many things right about this outfit and right, in general, about the way Alexa Chung dresses on every occasion. She doesn't ever seem to have a bad sartorial moment. I suppose her rail thin, statuesque frame really doesn't hurt talent for looking good in almost anything. But she doesn't wear just anything; her get up is always simultaneously very well thought out and effortlessly executed. Her eye (or her stylist's eye) for detail is really superb. I am coveting the animal print backpack and the slouchy satin blouse in a bad way.

I love how (above) Alexa pairs a Jackie O. style blazer with a high waisted knit jersey skirt with pockets- the mix of high and low is done perfectly. The worn leather bag is icing on the cake. These days I'm really into women's bags that have a part satchel, part briefcase aesthetic- they are at once utilitarian and sexy. The bag (below) by Mulberry was named after Alexa. If you are overcome with the urge buy it for me I would not fault you. Just hit me up and provide you with my address. No questions asked. xo