Panties for Microloans

 (via AhaLife.com )

Not only are these thongs seamless, sassy and other s-words - through the Seven Bar Foundation, $1 of each purchase goes towards providing microloans to women in developing economies around the world.  Super! (sorry)

These little numbers makes us actually want to start wearing underwear. We JK. Who doesn't wear underwear apart from days when laundry day was supposed to happen two weeks ago?


I Die Friday: STELLA!!

Stella McCartney is one of the few luxury designers who consistently adds at lease one element of social and eco-consciousness into every design.  So it's no surprise she's come out with a line of sunnies made from 54% natural and renewable resources - sacrificing nothing in spectacular design. (via SassyBella.com)

Normally a strictly black purse kinda girl, I'm loving this Bottle Green Clare Vivier Bag. Vivier  produces her collection locally in LA, is a socially conscious company, and keeps a low carbon foot print. And her shit cray fab.  It can be done!

Speaking of carbon feet, these naturally died organic calf leather espadrilles are anything but the crunchy espadrilles of yore.  What a brilliant neon pink for not using any chemicals in the dye, amIright? 


Osborn, You are Everything

I love this Greenpoint Brooklyn based company - and not only because they work from the best part of Brooklyn ( hint I live there, McGuiness what what?!!) but also for their crazy cool design sense with an equally unwavering dedication to the preservation of handcraft and skill. Focused equally on beauty and process, Osborn works with weavers and cobblers in Guatemala and has developed a collection of handcrafted to-die-for kicks. Lookin' Good, Osborn.


I Die Friday: DKNY x FEED

Look Good

DKNY's latest collaboration with FEED is pretty brilliant. Donna Karen, the queen of black basics, joins forces with model and activist Lauren Bush Lauren's highly regarded FEED project to create a few items that are as wearable as they are cool. Those Wellies? After 5 years in NYC I might finally give in and get a pair of rain boots!

Do Good

Purchase the wellies and you'll not only conquer puddles in style, you'll also provide 25 children with emergency food through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).  And the survival tote?  It provides 100 emergency meals.

Among other huge accomplishments to date, FEED has raised money to provide  over 60 million school meals to children around the world through WFP.  


Suzanne Rae is the Shit

 Photography: Tracy Morford

Look Good

Loving this Suzanne Rae Pelaez's haunting Spring Summer 2012 campaign and collection.  I think this bandeau bikini might be what I've been looking for the entire season. It's so Old Hollywood in fabrication and silhouette, I just can't. The presentation on her site is brilliant and if you haven't been on vacation yet this summer to a lake house in the woods, the shoot will make you YEARN for it. I want to be on that empty tree lined country road in the middle of the night night in that white dress RIGHT NOW. I also have a crush on both the designer and the photographer, Tracy Morford.

Do Good

Palaez is a female-centric designer who uses sustainable fabrics whenever possible. She supports local industry by doing 100% of  production in New York City's Garment District and collaborates with local artists to create unique prints for each collection. Basically she's the shit.