What's In My Purse

Here's a typical Fashion Blogger Post but sorry it's not in a typical format (i.e. cute or appealing).  Here's a glimpse into the (not so) glamorous innards of my life (i.e. a woman's purse).

What's in MY purse:

-Ice Breakers, half eaten in one sitting
-A bag of little hair bands that spilled all over the bottom that I'm too lazy to clean out
-Crumpled receipts
-Gum wrappers
-Magazine inserts I used to brainstorm new ideas and blot lipstick
-My blogging notebook, where I also brainstorm ideas. Spilled coffee all over it yesterday at work so it's still drying.
-Sugar Lip Treatment- way too expensive but worth it
-Aveeno Skin Brightening Moisturizer, SPF 30, free from Dermatologist office
-Eucerin Skin Cream for ashiness, free from Dermatologist office
-Birth Control Pills that I may or may not have accidentally taken 9 too many this month because I got off and then kept forgetting if I took them or not, so yesterday I realized I should have 10 more but there's only one remaining.
-Contact Lens case to take out my contacts when they get so dry I want to rip my eyes out
-Plastic Umbrella cover (but no umbrella? i'm so prepared.)
-Sephora Lipstick
-Loose Change

*You guys are lucky I quit smoking (basically) because normally there would have been loose tobacco all over the bottom.