These things we hold

Today's post is a mini exploration of unintended accessories, the "things we hold", that define our styles.  It is not just the obvious accessory, such as a purse, that can function as an adornment and speak to we are, our personal style, values, and social status.  A cigarette, a hand mirror, a gun, a skateboard -  these inanimate items held in our hands speak volumes about who we are. They help define how the world perceives our image aesthetically. 

As a side note, the guy with the gun looks overwhelmingly like a Spanish ex-boyfriend of mine. He was the primary drug trafficker for the small Spanish city we lived in...dreamy. Oh to be 19 years old, stupid, and blindingly in love again.

1st Image- photographer : Bran Symondson
2nd image- illustration by: Cailtlin Shearer


Go ahead- button your shirt to the top and wear a turtleneck. We'll love you just the same.

photographer:  Bran Symondson, www.dazeddigital.com

 Carven Spring 2011

Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2011

Happy Friday everyone.  Today I'm diggin' the buttoned all the way to the tip top button look.  So refined.  In other news, incredible wide brimmed hats continue to be an obsession of mine - I'm excited to see how they have moved into the realm of men's runways, as well as women's.  I'm thrilled with the little turtlenecks peaking out from beneath the white button downs in the Lanvin image, hearkening distant, dreamy memories of 4th grade picture day, but these men look far better than I ever did.


Military Tulles


top: photographer - Skye Parrott, www.dazeddigital.com

I don't know if I'll ever completely recover from the military trend:  it's in my blood to stay I fear.  What a lovely thing to do, pair it with tulle!  


A hauntingly wonderful image my sister Ellie took in Italy last summer. Happy Tuesday...no amount of coffee ingested seems enough to wake me up today.  This one pretty little ditty is all I can muster. xo.