Family Farmhouse in West Virginia & {Old Money Hillbilly}

Mucho Americana. 
 Third from the left (1st row) is my Grandmother with my 1 y/o mother on her lap

Note: mini doggie sculptures on the mantle

CALYPSO ST BARTH long top, $75
See by Chloe tiered skirt, $462
Flat shoes, 17,850 JPY
Forever21 black and white bracelet, $7.80
Chan luu jewelry, $420
Juicy couture hat, $78
Prada, $240
Illesteva leather sunglasses, $230

Admittedly, this post isn't exactly "cool," or my esthetic, or even "fashion" "related" but I just had to share...."share".  A few weeks ago I went to a family reunion at our 800acre family farm in West Virginia.  The land has been in our family since the 1600's! This was my first time seeing the property and I was completely impressed. The experience made me so proud to have Van Metre as my middle name.  Growing up having a last name as a middle name always felt odd and it made me question my parents' competence.  Now I get it and it's cool.

For the first time in many, many years the house on the land has been fixed and is livable. My mother's cousin Alison Van Metre is a very talented interior designer.  Look what she's done with it. Isn't it adorbz????? 
**A comment on this post from my friend Claire inspired me to add an "Old Money Hillbilly" inspired collection after the fact.  I had a sundress on that day but no good pics of me so I decided to recreate a look that would have been way more costly, and therfeore even more appropriate for an "Old Money Hillbilly" :)