I survived Irene but had to mop up a glass of water that I kicked over

Photo by Misha Jenkins

Dress (worn for optimal Real Housewives cleavage): Forever 21
Sandals: Some steeze I picked up at a Barney's sale
Gold Bracelet: Really a necklace wrapped around my wrist.  Gifted

Hey ya'll.  You know what I do when there's a natural disaster? Have a muthafuckin birthday party.  I was dancing and eating cupcakes with some of my best friends as torrential rains bombarded Brooklyn throughout the night.  We were all OK- if not a little wet.  The mop in this pic is not for flooding but because I kicked over a glass of water.  That was the extent of the damage for us pretty much!  Hope everyone is safe and sound. xo


Into Overdrive: feeling like a tragically cool dead bird

Fashion week is quickly approaching and what that means in Fashion Industry terms is - no rest for the wicked. The photo above relays how I feel and look right now: like a really, really, tragically cool dead bird.  On a record player (duh).  I apologize if I have been neglecting this blog of late-  I'm balancing a day job, freelance work as a writer and Fashion Coordinator for a  website and being a super fabulous dead bird. Oh and planning my 30th birthday party this weekend.  Priorities?! It is going to be SO EPIC - white rappers, decoration by a fashion set designer, DJ's, cupcakes, most of my bestest friends en el mundo.  All good stuff but I's TIRED and lacking any good fashion advice apart from the following: when you're really run down, you should try your best to look as cool as the dead bird above.  That's all I got. xoxo


I Die Friday: Crazy. I can hang with Crazy

 You say crazy?  I say awesome. I've always liked the lesser understood. That's because I'm really unique and complicated.  And awesome. NBD. 

I need that fuzzy striped sweater that Nancy is wearing. NEED IT NOW!!!


Pastel Leatha...Bish Puleeez

Leather in pastel?  Bish puleeeez.  Fabulous doesn't even begin to describe the feelings that well up inside me when I look at a piece like this. 


I Die Friday: HJA

Chuck Benet Ramsey
Barbara Bushwick
Clara Bizna$$

Today's post is a homage to my favorite rap group Hand Job Academy (HJA).  They've got some bust ya shit open beats.  They've got fly steez.  And they just happen to be some of my best friends.  I'm also their stylist.  Based out of Brooklyn, they rap about pimps and hos, often from a female perspective - with Chuck Benet Ramsey countering chick attacks with a dude's point of view.  They're hilarious, they're entertaining, they're mad talented.  They're about to blow up.  So check them out before everyone else does: https://www.facebook.com/HJAcademy?sk=info
*Barbara Bushwick handcrafted that bra - putting little mirrors all over it herself.  She is my hero.  

Get Their Looks:

Clara Bizna$$

MOTHER summer shorts, $270
American Apparel striped socks, $18
Converse black sneaker, $40
Low Luv x Erin Wasson antique silver ring, $69
Yves Saint Laurent chain necklace, $1,595
Yves Saint Laurent chain bracelet, £510
Baseball hat
1.75 x 2" King Tut Door Knockers, Vintage 1980's, $6.99
Tommy Hilfiger Aloha short-sleeved shirt, £15

Chuck Benet Ramsey

Converse tennis shoes, £30
Redfreckles gold plated jewelry, $75
Hugo Boss Black Brandon Black Business Suit Leather Belt 50130525, $74
Old Navy Men's Distressed Lowrise Bootcut Jeans, $30


Click here if you believe in Freedom

Do you believe in FreedomFreedom for me to have clothes and write about them? Are you American?  No. That's cool. But if you believe in Freedom, you'll click HERE.


I Die Friday: Wolf and/or Cat Shirts

From Top:

What's not to like? Go put some animals on your chest you fierce, fierce beautiful bitches! (pun(s) intended).   I normally get my animal shirts at fairs, thrift stores and clothing swaps but apparently they're good enough for high fashion now.  The top two images are Givenchy and Balenciaga?!  Yes way. 


You call them Kimonos, I call them Bathrobes, We can all call them Comfortable

From Top:

Whatever you choose to call this amazingly comfortable style, take advantage of the Kimono trend while it lasts because it's about as close as you can get to being allowed to wear PJs during the day that you're going to get.  The ASOS Kimono is the most affordable example above, but I also included the Naeem Kahn  because, however unaffordable, it is an amazing example of straight up satin PJs thrown on the runway. The only thing that separates this outfit from a full fledged pair of PJs is that they've thrown a sequined blazer over it.  Go ahead and grab a coffee, put a newspaer under your arms, go do your morning #2, then leave the house IN THE SAME OUTFIT.  Splendid! 

Also I'd just like to make a shout out for my first article on naag.com, Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne's website.  I've been a busy girl but writing about fashion is so much fun that it hardly feels like work! FASHION NERD ALERT.  Its so nice to finally have my name on an article that I didn't have to post myself.  Ha!

image from naag.com