Image from Style Scrapbook, image courtesy of lookbooknu.com

American Apparel skirt, Image from Fashion Squad

The skirt of the season is, without a doubt, the pleated skirt.  The fun part is that unlike past seasons the length is very much up to you. Pretty much any length, besides the mini, will be acceptable this year.  I'll break down some of the new length language for you if you are unfamiliar- midis: every image above besides the second.  A midi skirt seems to refer to any skirt that hits somewhere in the range of right below the knee cap to right above the ankle. The midi is the new length this season, adding to last years most popular length of the maxi, which is seen in the second image. A maxi skirt or dress hits the top of your shoes or below.  Thank GOD for midi's, I say. I was getting REALLY tired of tripping over my maxi length skirts and dresses.

Anyways.  I' m personally really interested in the American Apparel version, it's only $60 and and comes in a very beautiful, almost iridescent material. I haven't tried it on though- one thing to note is that not all pleats are alike!! Be careful that the one you choose does not make you look bulky, especially if you are not a tall ass, rail think super model, as I surely am NOT.  The flatter and finer the pleat, especially around the waistline, the more you will avoid this bulk.  I tried on a pleated skirt at Club Monaco several weeks ago that make me look preggers.  Buyer beware!


You Should Probs Throw Out Your Boyfriend Cardigan and Get a White Blazer

 Zara Blazer, The Cambridge Satchel Company bag, image from The Fashion Squad,
 Chloe Sevigny in ChloĆ©  blazer, with unfair legs I'd kill for
Screenshot from TV show 'Game of Thrones'. Want hair this color and want horse. 

 Aryn K. linen blazer

Image from Style Scrapbook, image courtesy of lookbooknu.com

It seems to me that a white blazer is a necessary fashion item for women this season.  I recently saw the second image of Chloe Sevigny, from several years ago, suddenly popping up on fashion blogs everywhere. Then I saw fashion bloggers styling themselves in white blazers- over and over and over. Oh Chloe- how ahead of the curb are you like ALWAYS?!  

I decided to take the plunge too but many of the blazers that I really liked seemed to be a little pricey (upwards of $300). This is probably because they're a hot ticket item right now.  If I had my way I'd find this scalloped ChloĆ© blazer that Sevigny- maybe one day. I finally purchased one by Aryn K. (4th image down) on Piperlime for $94 and I'm a happy camper.  A white blazer a great alternative to the boyfriend cardigan from the past seasons, and it is oh so much more grown up. 


My Favorite Color is Really Cool Right Now

If you don't know these people, I can't help you.

Karen Walker, sunnies

 Trussardi 1911, fall 2011 leather gloves

Image from Giias Tonic 

Trussardi 1911, fall 11 hat

Nina Sheona, chunky sandal

Ladies across the globe are wearing my favorite color RED  as an accent color this season, often leaning towards a wearing also a more burnt, orange red.  They can't get enough.  I've been doing this for years, even when red wasn't cool.  So there.

Try pairing some high waisted jeans (a la Suzanne Somers) with these chunky sandals from Nina Sheona and a striped shirt and you'll be ready to face a 2011 Spring/Summer season.


Get Retro or Get Lost

Kumo San 35mm camera, cool blue

Alexander Wang, Fall 2011, heel

Veronica Lake in a Sullivans bathrobe 

Jack Vartanian, leopard cuff

Anyways, quick post today.  I'm in North Carolina with my father this weekend and am about to go sailing on my uncle's boat.  Just had time to post a few items that would be great to buy if you feel like getting super retro.  It is a goal of mine to have the guts to start wearing bathrobes as a fashion statement but I don't think my friends would forgive me. I already wear a coat on the regs that looks like a bathrobe and I think that's close enough.  Maybe it would be OK if I were wearing a pair of these Alexander Wang heels? No?  What about the leopard cuff?  No? Well you could take a picture of me with this sweet Kumo San 35mm camera, then tag me on Facebook and make fun of me at least.    

Totally unrelated to this post, I just got a Sony Nex3 camera and am pretty excited.  I'm going to start taking some of my own (non point and shoot snapshots) photos on the blog!  Yay- big girl blogger time!


How to Dress Like a Girl Pimp

Girl with pimp ass lipliner and rad hair
Gucci, hat, Fall 2011 

Henrik Vibskov, jacket

Flutter, ring

If you've been hankering to dress like a female pimp (who hasn't?!) purchasing the items above would be a good place to start. Minus the girl. You can't purchase a girl unless you're an acutal pimp. duh! Get IT!


Get You Some Short Boots, Shorty!

Acne Cypress Boots, faded apricot

 Acne Hydro Lea Wedge, grey
Acne Pistol Boot
Acne Hydro Sue, stone 

Acne Pistol Boot, nude

Rag & Bone Harrow Boots

I've been in the market for a pair of short boots.  I love their comfort, durability, and the fact that they don't cut my short little legs off mid-calf as my Frye's do, instead they hit at a more flattering mid-ankle point.  A good pair of these boots can be a little pricey (most in the $500 range) but they give you the height of a heel and don't wear down quickly, so you can wear them day after day and they just get more comfortable and broken in (in a good way) and they don't fall apart. I am a super hard monster on my shoes and have a hard time not breaking heels off completely, so these seem like an especially good option! 

I think I'm going to opt for a black pair to start- maybe the Acne Pistol - but I also really like the idea of the lighter more springy colors of nude or faded apricot.  I like the wedge versions too: the cork sole is interesting in the Acne Hydro Lea Wedge and the Maison Martin Margiela MM6 is made of canvas rather than leather, which is a cool detail that could be great for spring! Whichever you choose: Get you some short boots SHORTY!    


A Night with Todd Lynn at the Elizabeth Charles Boutique

Last Thursday night my lovely friend Vanessa Bellafiore invited me to chat and play dress up with designer Todd Lynn at the Elizabeth Charles boutique in the Meatpacking District. Visiting from London, the Canadian born, Central St. Martins alum has his roots in rock and roll.  He's dressed a drool worthy list of famous musicians: everyone from Courtney Love to the Dirty Pretty Things and has acted as bespoke tailor for Bono, Mick Jagger, PJ Harvey and Marilyn Manson. Throughout the Spring 2011 line there are echoes of rock and roll and a fun, even dark, edge (note: snake skin! I die!). But don’t be fooled- this edge is not without equivalent substance. It is an extremely wearable, impeccably tailored collection, and it is no wonder that women are already screaming for ‘MORE Todd Lynn!’. He says the response has been phenomenal this season.

Me and designer Todd Lynn
The first piece I slipped into fit like a glove. Lynn’s main focus up to this point has been tailored men’s pieces. But thank you baby Jesus, due to customer demand, Lynn is now increasing focus on his women’s line. Women Rejoice! : the designer knows a thing or two about how to construct clothes with lines to die for and his pieces literally MAKE you look incredible. He is a tailoring GURU. He says that part of the success of his clothes' fit is that he actually fits them the real women working in his office. He does not rely purely on fitting to a 6 ft, 110 lb fit model, the dirty little (not so) secret practice of most designers and design houses.

 The Spring 2011 collection’s inspiration: “Artificial Life”.  A woman on Thursday pointed to the supple, yet textured, green blue sleeves of a shift dress and asked, in awe, ‘What are those sleeves made of?’ “Snake Skin” Lynn answered and then he pointed out that this was exactly the kind of ambiguity he was aiming for in this collection. The line between the real and the synthetic is intentionally blurred. Whatever the inspiration, it works. The clothes make you look and feel great and, to me, that is the main objective of this whole fashion game.



Everything that I Love: Street Steez

I normally don't rip directly from someone else's editorial but this had to be an exception. I found this collage on www.fashionologie.com  yesterday.  They found items to recreate a look from Andy Torres' Style Scrapbook's.  There are so many elements in this chic's outfit that are lovable- a sweatshirt, name plate jewelry, stripes, relaxed and wearable fabrics with a relaxed and cool silhouette. I'm also really into short boots and will be writing a separate post on them soon.   I also LOVE gold watches- mixing gold and silver jewelry is totes acceptable. DO IT.

Left to right: Gap Sweatshirt ($40), Johnston & Murphy Belt ($58), West Avenue Jewelry Name Plate Necklace ($125), Sparkle & Fade Striped Knee-Length Skirt ($49), The Row Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($442), Michael Kors Watch ($250), Acne Pistol Short Boot in Black ($560), Alexander Wang Marti Leather Backpack ($850)


Vibrancy Yo

Images (from top):
Second: Emerson Made, Kimchi Pants

Today's post is all about vibrant colors. I love them and they love me.  Actually they don't love me. They don't even like me much.  I'm a little too pale to pull them off but if you have ANY sort of melanin in your skin you should totally rock that shit. They are where it's at this spring/summer season- especially awesome pinks and reds.

Side note: Watch out! I'm going to be getting a nice camera soon with my tax return money and I might start taking pics of myself and posting them on the blog.  I need a boyfriend photographer to take my pictures like the cooler fashion bloggers.