I Die Friday: Levi's & Lace & Camel Toe


{Unbridled Crotch Shot}

What I wore:
Levi's 550s
Heels, Calvin Klein
Lace Shirt, Free People

I die over these recent photos Mario Torres took of me.  I'm sorry for the unbridled crotch shot. It's inappropriate and offensive. That is why I posted it.  OK I'm not sorry.  Look at it. Look at it!!

I especially like the first shot, where he unexpectedly hurled me into a mattress on the wall while snapping a pic.  I'm just glad no one was injured. 

I'm majorly digging these high waisted mom jeans that I purchased while thrifting a few weeks ago.  They're Levi's 550s- and they give just a hint of camel toe while also hitting at a high enough point on the torso to be really nerdy, hence two beautiful worlds collide.  I paired them with a leopard print belt and a white lace shirt.  Denim? Lace? Leopard Print? I die.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I hope you all do some major chilling out, maxing , and relaxing all cool.


 Not really.