Beast of Burden: Sustainably Sourced, Handmade Crocodile Skin Bags

from $6,175

Look Good

Walk around like you own the place carrying a Beast of Burden Sheba bag. Oft referred to as the 'CEO bag', it won't be hard to hold yourself in the manner of an executive carrying a purse with such fierce crocodile and leather blocked panels. 

Do Good

Whoever said leather or croc skin was bad? We beg to differ. Beast of Burden's bags are handcrafted locally in Italy and sustainably sourced alongside artisans in Africa - they come at a pretty penny but you get what you pay for. This bag is good all around.


I Die Friday: Shades of (metallic) Grey




Look Good

Some items I'm pouring over this week. I'm feeling a metallic, black, white and grey color palette. I'd just love to hate J. Crew but I can't. I just can't. Especially when they pair up with some of my favorite companies such as Cambridge Satchel, and offer sparkling metallic bags like this one. I love these Haute Hippie leather shorts because of their sporty elastic waistband.  The ceramic Nixon watch is just a favorite, the Derek Lam's wedges are sick, and that Zoe Karssen sweatshirt - I need to get my hands on it.

Do Good

Butter London is a NON-TOXIC nail polish. Shut up. I know. No awful ingredients! It was the first company to sell non-toxic nail polish in the US. I think metallics are where it's at right now in terms of nail polish- especially silver shades. It seems they have migrated from previous seasons place on shoes, to bags and a more understated place on the human body, nails. 

The Cambridge Satchel Company stands for many wonderful things that I've already covered on this blog and you can read about here.


Sports Utility Bathrobe? Sure, why not?!

Look Good 

Have you ever wanted a Sports Utility Vehicle but were flummoxed by their negative environmental impact? Have you ever wanted a bathrobe you could wear everywhere, even on the beach. If the answer is yes, there's a solution. If the answer is no, do some more soul searching.

Meet the Winnifred Beach (sport utility) Bathrobe ($300) with brushed cotton-twill exterior, cotton terry lining and pockets galore (even one big enough to fit an iPad). This is not exactly a vehicle per se but a robe-slash-field jacket that is a finely oiled machine built for sports utility and comfort. Plus you get to look like an outdoorsy/athletic Dude from the Big Lebowski. No brainer.

(I just wish there were one produced with various colors (neon pink hello?) terry cloth on the inside. Well you can't have everything.)

Do Good

Proceeds go towards helping save one of the last remaining FREE public beaches in Jamaica. Read more here.


RHLS Wants YOU: fundraising that helps all

MOVES, every East Williamsburg dweller's favorite concept store needs YOU!   Revolutionizing the made-local sweat-shop free movement, owners/designers/advocates R. Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones look outwards, towards the community to fund their Fall/Winter 2012 RHLS line. Based on the CSA (community supported agriculture) they look to their neighbors to fund the collection, in turn offering investors (you! small stores! ) wholesale prices on the line. Go to SmallKnot.com and give them a little love in the form of cash. You'll not only get their amazingly off the cuff geometric goodies for a fraction of the cost, but you'll participate in the future of small business fundraising in a "ethic esthetic" process that helps everyone down the line from you to the pattern makers. This type of fundraising also allows small retailers to  to make purchases without the barrier of pesky industry minimums. What's more- you'll be able help decide what's made! So throw RHLS a bone! or $100!!!!

MOVES Concept store, located in East Williamsburg at 419 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222


Derek Lam + Human Rights Watch = Totally Rad

Look Good + Do Good (at the same time)

Loving Derek Lam's collaboration with Human Rights Watch, an organization that, for over 30 years, has investigated and secured an accurate picture of abuses in over 90 countries.  HRW fights to obtain changes in policy at the highest levels of government. Basically human rights superheroes.

Lam will donate a certain percentage of proceeds from sales of Hayden sunnies to this incredible organization. This is not just a guaranteed rad purchase (Derek Lam! hello?!) but for a good cause too.  Everything we stand for.


I Die Friday: The Importance of Purging

Look Good

What more can be said? This stuff is grrrrrrr8.

Do Good

Purge. Seriously. Every time you buy a new item of clothing, please try and give away or throw away something that is no longer of use to you.  This will help you only make necessary purchases, limiting conspicuous consumption. 

It also helps clear your closet so you can see what you actually own, avoiding redundancies and making use of it all.  Also minimalism is beautiful - there's nothing like an organized, paired down closet full of well curated pieces. All intentional and useful.  Now that is responsible consumption! 

** Also the name of this blog is officially changed today from DressMeUp/DressMeDown to Look Good/Do Good.  See the reason here ! **