I Die Friday: When '90's Winona Wasn't Cray Cray

'90s Winona {minus the hair}

Wasn't '90s Winona so amazeballs before she became a Cray Cray Klepto??? Her earrings are so fly!   The turquoise and silver Native American jewelry vibe is currently making a huge comeback thanks, in no small part, to the influence of Erin Wasson x Low Lov Jewelry (see this and this). 

Before I was born my parents lived on an Indian Reservation.  My mother passed on a lot of turquoise, silver and beaded jewelry to me but my '90's kid self wore the jewelry constantly and lost most of it. FAIL! God I'm mad at my irresponsible '90s  kid self right now!  Anyways, thank goodness '90s Winona's hair in this picture has NOT made a comeback. But, whatever, 90's Winona, who cares about your awful hair? You were PERFECT to me.