I Die Friday: these boots and some great news

I know it sometimes seems that all I talk about are short boots but it's my blog, I border on dangerously obsessed with them, and I can do what I want. OMG I can't stop looking at these. Want so bad. 

Also I've got great news! I'm the new Fashion Coordinator for Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne's online magazine naag.com!! I'll be writing much of the fashion content for the site, coordinating the editorial photo shoots, and covering New York Fashion Week. I'm OVER THE MOON excited about this opportunity- Agyness has been a style icon of mine for years and to work with her and Fiona's awesome publication is an honor. I hope you'll check naag.com out. I'll start sharing my posts with you as soon as they come out! I die. Really.