Meet My Friend Brian. He Is Cool!

What Brian wore:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Baseball Cap (he doesn't watch the games so don't ask him about them!)

Lately I've had a bunch of requests from my male friends to start covering men's fashion.  What better way to start than inspired by one of my own male friends, Brian?!  I ran into Brian on Thursday night and was really digging his steez.  I love a man in a baseball cap and thick framed glasses. I think I first fell in love with this look when Spike Lee rose to fame.  

There is just something so smart and solid about this look.  Plus, baseball hats are hot and fedora's suck: they're a great way to fuck up an outfit. So don't wear them, especially if you're a guy.  The fedora phase has died. It had it's moment and its now over. Amen. RIP.  I'm all for interesting and androgynous male styles but when it comes down to it I really just like dudes to look like dudes. 

Also, can we please talk about mens' shorts?  I really liked Brian's choice in shorts- in this case he wore American Apparel.  I liked them because they are relaxed and loose fitting. Way too many male hipsters are wearing tight denim cutoffs that encase their legs like sausages and give their belly's nowhere to go but into a muffin top. Stop the madness! This style only works if the dude is manorexic or blessed with frog legs.  Sorry, but I just had to get that out.

Back to Brian! Brian had some understated touches to his outfit that I  really appreciated- the bold red color of his straightforward Vans tennis shoes, the Swatch Watch and the boom box print on his simple t-shirt.  Watches are where it's at these days - especially since they have become sort of unnecessary as we all have cell phones. Their frivolousness makes them kind of retro and also a more thoughtful accessory than functional, which I find endearing and cool. Get a similar look to Brian: 

Get Brian's Look

Vans rubber shoes, $99
American Apparel clear jewelry, $120
New Era embroidered fitted hat, £27
Ksubi Al Nair Optical Glasses, $210
Volcom Smooth Water Chino Short, $45
Tshirt, £11