You Should Probs Throw Out Your Boyfriend Cardigan and Get a White Blazer

 Zara Blazer, The Cambridge Satchel Company bag, image from The Fashion Squad,
 Chloe Sevigny in Chloé  blazer, with unfair legs I'd kill for
Screenshot from TV show 'Game of Thrones'. Want hair this color and want horse. 

 Aryn K. linen blazer

Image from Style Scrapbook, image courtesy of lookbooknu.com

It seems to me that a white blazer is a necessary fashion item for women this season.  I recently saw the second image of Chloe Sevigny, from several years ago, suddenly popping up on fashion blogs everywhere. Then I saw fashion bloggers styling themselves in white blazers- over and over and over. Oh Chloe- how ahead of the curb are you like ALWAYS?!  

I decided to take the plunge too but many of the blazers that I really liked seemed to be a little pricey (upwards of $300). This is probably because they're a hot ticket item right now.  If I had my way I'd find this scalloped Chloé blazer that Sevigny- maybe one day. I finally purchased one by Aryn K. (4th image down) on Piperlime for $94 and I'm a happy camper.  A white blazer a great alternative to the boyfriend cardigan from the past seasons, and it is oh so much more grown up.