Get Retro or Get Lost

Kumo San 35mm camera, cool blue

Alexander Wang, Fall 2011, heel

Veronica Lake in a Sullivans bathrobe 

Jack Vartanian, leopard cuff

Anyways, quick post today.  I'm in North Carolina with my father this weekend and am about to go sailing on my uncle's boat.  Just had time to post a few items that would be great to buy if you feel like getting super retro.  It is a goal of mine to have the guts to start wearing bathrobes as a fashion statement but I don't think my friends would forgive me. I already wear a coat on the regs that looks like a bathrobe and I think that's close enough.  Maybe it would be OK if I were wearing a pair of these Alexander Wang heels? No?  What about the leopard cuff?  No? Well you could take a picture of me with this sweet Kumo San 35mm camera, then tag me on Facebook and make fun of me at least.    

Totally unrelated to this post, I just got a Sony Nex3 camera and am pretty excited.  I'm going to start taking some of my own (non point and shoot snapshots) photos on the blog!  Yay- big girl blogger time!