Get You Some Short Boots, Shorty!

Acne Cypress Boots, faded apricot

 Acne Hydro Lea Wedge, grey
Acne Pistol Boot
Acne Hydro Sue, stone 

Acne Pistol Boot, nude

Rag & Bone Harrow Boots

I've been in the market for a pair of short boots.  I love their comfort, durability, and the fact that they don't cut my short little legs off mid-calf as my Frye's do, instead they hit at a more flattering mid-ankle point.  A good pair of these boots can be a little pricey (most in the $500 range) but they give you the height of a heel and don't wear down quickly, so you can wear them day after day and they just get more comfortable and broken in (in a good way) and they don't fall apart. I am a super hard monster on my shoes and have a hard time not breaking heels off completely, so these seem like an especially good option! 

I think I'm going to opt for a black pair to start- maybe the Acne Pistol - but I also really like the idea of the lighter more springy colors of nude or faded apricot.  I like the wedge versions too: the cork sole is interesting in the Acne Hydro Lea Wedge and the Maison Martin Margiela MM6 is made of canvas rather than leather, which is a cool detail that could be great for spring! Whichever you choose: Get you some short boots SHORTY!