Image from Style Scrapbook, image courtesy of lookbooknu.com

American Apparel skirt, Image from Fashion Squad

The skirt of the season is, without a doubt, the pleated skirt.  The fun part is that unlike past seasons the length is very much up to you. Pretty much any length, besides the mini, will be acceptable this year.  I'll break down some of the new length language for you if you are unfamiliar- midis: every image above besides the second.  A midi skirt seems to refer to any skirt that hits somewhere in the range of right below the knee cap to right above the ankle. The midi is the new length this season, adding to last years most popular length of the maxi, which is seen in the second image. A maxi skirt or dress hits the top of your shoes or below.  Thank GOD for midi's, I say. I was getting REALLY tired of tripping over my maxi length skirts and dresses.

Anyways.  I' m personally really interested in the American Apparel version, it's only $60 and and comes in a very beautiful, almost iridescent material. I haven't tried it on though- one thing to note is that not all pleats are alike!! Be careful that the one you choose does not make you look bulky, especially if you are not a tall ass, rail think super model, as I surely am NOT.  The flatter and finer the pleat, especially around the waistline, the more you will avoid this bulk.  I tried on a pleated skirt at Club Monaco several weeks ago that make me look preggers.  Buyer beware!