This Blog is a'Changin: Look Good. Do Good.

Have you noticed that I've changed the description under my blog title from "All things WTF? OMG!!" to "Look good. Do good."? This is because since this blog's inception in 2008, it has transformed along with me. DMU-DMD began as a vaguely fashion related project, documenting my life and visual fashion inspirations in a fun tongue in cheek way - before, during and after my move to New York from Cleveland for fashion design studies at Parsons. Since 2008, obviously, I have changed and so has the world. Let's be clear I am still hilarious and stylish and humble. But I have also become more focused on how my love for the art of fashion, and all things visual, can somehow align with my dedication to doing good and living well.

Perhaps the inherent consumerism in fashion has started to rub me the wrong way - it is an art form but it's also a big business. I'm not jaded enough to think that fashion is all bad. I don't think we should feel guilty about wanting to look good and express ourselves through esthetics. This desire is as old as mankind. But in my opinion it's our responsibility as visitors on this planet, including businesses, to somehow give back and to live fairly and responsibly. I will now cast a wider and hopefully healthier net, focusing more on balancing aesthetic discussions with topics regarding giving back to 'from which we came' and leading healthier, more earth friendly, empowering lifestyles. 

From this point forward all posts will have not only a Look Good bent, but a DO GOOD focus. I would love to hear from readers about anything they think is relevant to the above. Submissions welcome. Art, books, music, fashion, design, people, interiors. All of this will now be included on this blog. and I'd like your input. And let's have a sense of humor about it all mmm k?

We're in this together.