RHLS Wants YOU: fundraising that helps all

MOVES, every East Williamsburg dweller's favorite concept store needs YOU!   Revolutionizing the made-local sweat-shop free movement, owners/designers/advocates R. Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones look outwards, towards the community to fund their Fall/Winter 2012 RHLS line. Based on the CSA (community supported agriculture) they look to their neighbors to fund the collection, in turn offering investors (you! small stores! ) wholesale prices on the line. Go to SmallKnot.com and give them a little love in the form of cash. You'll not only get their amazingly off the cuff geometric goodies for a fraction of the cost, but you'll participate in the future of small business fundraising in a "ethic esthetic" process that helps everyone down the line from you to the pattern makers. This type of fundraising also allows small retailers to  to make purchases without the barrier of pesky industry minimums. What's more- you'll be able help decide what's made! So throw RHLS a bone! or $100!!!!

MOVES Concept store, located in East Williamsburg at 419 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222