Sports Utility Bathrobe? Sure, why not?!

Look Good 

Have you ever wanted a Sports Utility Vehicle but were flummoxed by their negative environmental impact? Have you ever wanted a bathrobe you could wear everywhere, even on the beach. If the answer is yes, there's a solution. If the answer is no, do some more soul searching.

Meet the Winnifred Beach (sport utility) Bathrobe ($300) with brushed cotton-twill exterior, cotton terry lining and pockets galore (even one big enough to fit an iPad). This is not exactly a vehicle per se but a robe-slash-field jacket that is a finely oiled machine built for sports utility and comfort. Plus you get to look like an outdoorsy/athletic Dude from the Big Lebowski. No brainer.

(I just wish there were one produced with various colors (neon pink hello?) terry cloth on the inside. Well you can't have everything.)

Do Good

Proceeds go towards helping save one of the last remaining FREE public beaches in Jamaica. Read more here.