Wuda Week!

                            Photo by: Gunnar Larson

Vintage Dress
River Island 'Safina' Boots
Leather Fringe Necklace by Jessica Templin
Vintage Sunnies
 Forever 21 Silver Cuffs (gasp. I swear I'll quit them one of these days)
Metal Hoop Earrings- Hecho in Brooklyn
Red Writersblok notebook
Coca cola= breakfast, lunch and dinner

So New York Fashion Week is coming to a close and my feet are happy about that.  I'm not sure you could call them feet any more- more like two big blisters.  But what a fantastic week. I got to see so many great collections and talk to so many different people in the industry about their art. You can read all my coverage of the shows on naag.com.  I was so busy running from show to show and writing and more writing that I didn't have time to post my outfits as I had promised, so above is one of them.  This is me backstage the Rebecca Minkoff show at Lincoln Center, getting ready to interview her and her beauty team.  I'll keep posting more over the next few days! xo