Kisses from NYFW

                                     Photo by: Gunnar Larson

Denim Diapers- Vintage Levis
Vintage shirt
BCBG booties
Leather fringe necklace by Jessica Templin

Another day...another fashion week outfit. All my friends know I live in tiny denim shorts we lovingly call "denim diapers" throughout the summer. They are high waisted, vintage Levis I have cut off at an obscenely short length. Obscenely. My ass cheeks kind of stick out. My thinking was - to not wear them at least one day of fashion week would not be honest about who I really am fashion-wise. Kind of trashy and sloppy in a rock star way OF COURSE. I paired them with an amazing, kissy lip print, vintage button down which was big enough to balance out the obscenity going on down below.  I found this shirt while vintage shopping with my friend Adrea Lord.  Andrea owns the t-shirt company Son of John and she liked this print so much she borrowed the shirt to create a similar print- available soon. Can't wait to see how it turns out.