New York Fashion Week, New Shoe Game, #moonslutboots

Wedges- Senso

With New York Fashion Week officially beginning tomorrow (but with shows beginning as early as this morning) I'm excited but also trying to center myself. Jesus Christ. Breathe.  NYFW has turned into more like a two week thing...not to mention the prep before hand.  I'll be covering shows the entire week and, with attending at at least five shows a day, it's really important to be comfortable but also to look good.  My brain is a little fried and actually the last thing I want to think about are my outfits. So I thought it would be a good plan to get a pair of statement shoes that would standout no matter how plain the outfit, and just rock them most of the week in varying ways. It was love at first site with these gold wedges that I found at Shoe Market in Brooklyn by Senso .  So what if they look a little like moon slut boots?  NBD.  This week I'll be posting various ways I'll wear them to the shows.

Oh hai! My name is Rachel and I'm wearing #moonslutboots.
That is a real, live, ostrich behind me.  No it's not. Liar.

Oh hai!! This is my #catboyfriend Murphy.  I rely on him for way too much affection and piss him off constantly. Love.

Lace Top: Vintage