I Die Friday: HJA

Chuck Benet Ramsey
Barbara Bushwick
Clara Bizna$$

Today's post is a homage to my favorite rap group Hand Job Academy (HJA).  They've got some bust ya shit open beats.  They've got fly steez.  And they just happen to be some of my best friends.  I'm also their stylist.  Based out of Brooklyn, they rap about pimps and hos, often from a female perspective - with Chuck Benet Ramsey countering chick attacks with a dude's point of view.  They're hilarious, they're entertaining, they're mad talented.  They're about to blow up.  So check them out before everyone else does: https://www.facebook.com/HJAcademy?sk=info
*Barbara Bushwick handcrafted that bra - putting little mirrors all over it herself.  She is my hero.  

Get Their Looks:

Clara Bizna$$

MOTHER summer shorts, $270
American Apparel striped socks, $18
Converse black sneaker, $40
Low Luv x Erin Wasson antique silver ring, $69
Yves Saint Laurent chain necklace, $1,595
Yves Saint Laurent chain bracelet, £510
Baseball hat
1.75 x 2" King Tut Door Knockers, Vintage 1980's, $6.99
Tommy Hilfiger Aloha short-sleeved shirt, £15

Chuck Benet Ramsey

Converse tennis shoes, £30
Redfreckles gold plated jewelry, $75
Hugo Boss Black Brandon Black Business Suit Leather Belt 50130525, $74
Old Navy Men's Distressed Lowrise Bootcut Jeans, $30