Into Overdrive: feeling like a tragically cool dead bird

Fashion week is quickly approaching and what that means in Fashion Industry terms is - no rest for the wicked. The photo above relays how I feel and look right now: like a really, really, tragically cool dead bird.  On a record player (duh).  I apologize if I have been neglecting this blog of late-  I'm balancing a day job, freelance work as a writer and Fashion Coordinator for a  website and being a super fabulous dead bird. Oh and planning my 30th birthday party this weekend.  Priorities?! It is going to be SO EPIC - white rappers, decoration by a fashion set designer, DJ's, cupcakes, most of my bestest friends en el mundo.  All good stuff but I's TIRED and lacking any good fashion advice apart from the following: when you're really run down, you should try your best to look as cool as the dead bird above.  That's all I got. xoxo