Pigging Out and Craft Shopping in Charleston, SC

 Heels: vintage Etienne Aigner
Jeans: Gap jeggings
Shirt: thrift
China Jewelry(image 6): China Baroque
The two  non-negotiable activities when you visit Charleston, SC are eating a truck load of fried foods and gooey treats, like those praline cookies in the 2nd image, and also going craft shopping.  The first image is of the plate I ordered our last night of vacation at the Cru Cafe.  It is fried chicken stuffed with mozzarella, over potatoes Au gratin- WHAT?!?!!  

There was a lot of jewelery that caught my eye and, me being the animal print fanatic that I am, I had to get that leopard ring. So cute, don't you think?   Also, look at all the jewelry made of china (?!) above.  Loved it!  I'm usually not usually attracted to sweet or overly feminine accessories but these were too pretty to pass up.  The company will actually use your old china to make things for you.  Neato!   I went to college in the south (Emory University) and have really fond memories whenever I return.  Do you all have any fun stories or memories about Charleston or visiting the South in general?