Goodbye Charleston/ Hello New York. Now I'm having a hair crisis.

I'm back in New York and after all my travels I'm on a mission to do something with my thin, scraggly, boring hair. I am currently growing it out but want to enhance the color, which is currently the brassy result of several mishaps.  I am naturally not too far off from my current color but just a more dirty blonde, so going lighter won't be that hard.  Do you think I should keep it a more natural shade and just lighten it a bit  or try something more extreme like the first photo, which I am kind of in love with. Or should I try something very different like a red or dark chestnut/reddy brown??  I kind of love Blake Lively's hair right now, but I also love the page girl hair cut AND color of the girl in the bottom photo .  Ahhhh HAIR CRISIS!  Is this an indication that I should put down the hair die and get a therapist instead??? ;)