Beautiful Blatant Ryan McGinley Rip Offs.

Above are four beautiful photographs from the most recent Dazed Digital publication (www.dazeddigital.com)- the first from the top by photographer Nico Krijno, the middle two by Sofia Ajram, and the last by Craigie Horsfield. The images are also blatant rip offs of Ryan McGinley's fantastical work (see bottom four images). In the Dazed publication there are accompanying interviews with the photographer's of these images, exploring their artistic inspirations etc.: not once do the artists reference Ryan McGinley as an inspiration. Below is Ryan McGinley's work (spanning a collection of work that proceeds the above by several years). What is wrong with this picture? Why can't artists just own up to their real inspirations, especially if they are so (stupidly, ridiculously, shamelessly) obvious?!