God I love Alison Mosshart

Queen of cool Alison Mosshart aka VV, of the band 'The Kills', is one of my fashion idols. Her style is the epitome of rockstar chic and most days I just want to look like her. She knows how to wear four of my favorite clothing items like a pro- ripped jeans, flannels, leopard print and cowboy boots. She is so effortlessly beautiful: she always wears her clothes and never lets her clothes wear her. I read an article where she said that she didn't ever wear shoes that she couldn't run in and I respect this philosophy. I have a love hate relationship with heels and have only just started to incorporate them into my wardrobe. When I am most respecting myself and my body, I am wearing fairly flat comfortable shoes. Heels, no matter how you cut it, are just kind of a rough thing to do to your feet!