Few: An Alternative to the 'Elliot Spitzer Fund'

Yay! I have an alternative to the self sacrificing 'Eliot Spitzer Fund' plan. Sorry New York politicians. Turns out Parsons not only loves me (of course they do) but they are also putting their money where their mouth is and giving me a substantial scholarship. That's right biaaaatches. Now I'll probably only have to work 1/2 as many nights for creepy dishonest policy makers with beautiful, accomplished wives who have sacrificed their lives and youth to stay with their sad, cheatin', asses. Toodles- I've got to go and make a psychologist appointment to work on my obvious anger issues and a psychiatrist appt. for those black out inducing meds that will give me the strength go forward with school fund raising endeavors..oh yeah and make a trip to Walmart to buy a jumbo pack of brown bags.