Last night's Big Surprise: Parson's School of Design Fashion Studies AAS program Loves Me

Last night I worked out at my little gym. I love this gym, not because they treat you well there, which they don't. The employees are mainly disgruntled college students who haven't been in the real working world yet and they think that just because you pay to go there does not entitle you to be treated civilly or like a guest. For example, the girl at the front desk threw my car keys at me and grunted when I returned my locker key last night. One time they gave me the wrong car keys back and refused to give me my own but that's another story for another self indulgent blog. I love this gym despite its lackluster customer service because it is a two second drive from my home, and near one of the more beautiful, funky and soulful areas of Cleveland, and to top it all off I get to drive over a brick street to get there.

At the gym I was on the elliptical for a half hour and was watching "Big Brother" on the TV overhead; for some mysterious reason I had a ton of energy and I switched machines. This is a pretty dangerous adventuresome thing for me (going with my "emancipation theme", see). I pretty much am a one machine per work out kind of girl so this snazzy move from the elliptical to the treadmill was a BIG CHANGE. The move found me in front of another TV, where I found myself watching "Project Runway", and then I began waxing sappy in my head about the fact that I hadn't gotten into FIT several weeks ago (spent last 6 months learning to sew and draw for this damn application). I was comforted by my international web cam interview in the morning but still felt a tinge of melancholy. I drove home in the freezing Cleveland rain, went to my mail box and found a large envelope addressed from Parson's School of Design. My first thought was that it was kind of mean of them to taunt me with more information selling their school before they sent me a rejection letter but I opened it anyways. Low and behold: I. was. accepted.!!!! Nuts huh? Woohoo!!! Now i have some emancipation decisions to make as my web cam interview with the Spanish press agency this morning went well too. A few years of working for this company and being paid to travel the world would help me save up to pay for an education at Parsons which is like a billion dollars a year. Emancipation in harder than I thought.