My First Time


This is the start of my public "Mid 20s Emancipation", which is not to say the movement hasn't been going on for a while., considering the fact that I am 26 (aka I am several years past my mid 20s). Anywho - this blog I dedicated to all ye in favor of leading an unconventional life. I don't know about ya'll, but my twenties started out pretty rough. Pretty rough indeed. They were a time when I felt like I should know where I am headed, but didn't, and all those things that the adults had around me growing up, that I always believed I'd eventually come to want, I found I do not want, at least not yet: the suburbs, the rock on the finger by 26, the bun in the oven by 28, the American Dream. Lately, after futilely preparing for the GMAT, LSATs, ramming my round self into a square hole for about 3 straight years, I have given up. Or, better said, given myself over to, well, myself. I am embracing all that I am in all my unconventional ways. I am admitting I might just never want to get married, or have kids or have a yard. Perhaps I will. But I don't right now. And that's OK!!! I am looking to return to work internationally, as I did so for my first few years out of college, and get out of the corporate humdrum I feel I have given away several precious years of my life to in a Mid-Western city that is just not ME. This blog will document my journey. Tomorrow morning I have a web-cam interview with an international press agency in Madrid. Wish me luck!!

Also, I'd just like to mention that Hillary won Ohio and I might not be myself for the next few days (does she have to smile so much about it? i even saw her piggy face on the front of "El pais". its really grossing me out.)