Hayleigh Hatcher Will Make You Look Foxy

Look Good:
I’m blessed with several friends who also happen to be really talented New York hairstylists. If you don’t know what this means I’ll break it down for you:  it is equivalent to winning the beauty lottery.  A good deal on a great hairstyle with fun girlfriend catch-up chat time?  It’s basically the bee’s knees.  On Sunday I got the royal treatment from my gurl, image consultant and hair stylist extraordinaire, Hayleigh Hatcher from Time-Bomb-Shell.  She gave me a loooong overdue trim  and gorgeous body-full style that made me look and feel as close to Farrah Fawcett as I ever will in life. 

Meet Hayleigh Hatcher: 
Let me just say Girlfriend totally respected the meaning of the word “Trim”. She didn’t even front.  Hayleigh even stopped and got my permission before taking a tiny more off the front section, which was fried and dead as a doornail. Thank you Hayleigh. You’re my hero. I didn’t want more than a trim because I’ve been growing out my locks for the first time in years.  I think my hair may currently be longer than it’s ever been in my life, which is like, really liberating considering my mother would never let me grow it out as a kid and I'm still in therapy for it (jk. she was totally on point. my hair was SO fine and stringy as a kid). But I was resourceful: I’d just prance around the house with a turtleneck hanging from the top of my head pretending to be Rapunzel. Killed it. Problem solved. 

 This is me all sad with my sad locks before the cut

So currently I’m at the point where an inch too much off the bottom might make me cry.  But did Hayleigh make me cry? NO. She made me gorgeous and smiley and I love her for it. The styling she did after the trim was magical. She lifted my sad, thin locks into a mane. I’m not sure how she did it, pretty much witchery, but huzzzah I looked pretty foxy. She told me so. Besides witchery, for light hold Hayleigh used Blow Up Thickening Mist and finished with blow Pro Faux Dry Shampoo for maximum volume at the roots.
You need to book an appointment with Hayleigh Hatcher stat.

Magic witchery happening
Do Good:
Hayleigh isn’t just a talented stylist, she’s also extremely giving of her time. Besides cutting the hair of her friends in need, she is also planning on cutting women's hair who were recently released from jail, preparing them for interviews and to re-enter the workforce.  Dang.  

For an appointment email Hayleigh: hayleighdee@yahoo.com

 Foxy final product yay!

Basically Rapunzel