I Die Friday: a little Balenciaga, a litte bomb metal

From Top
MorningMug, $29 

Look Good

OMG TGIF right? Here are a few things for your oracular enjoyment. Black, white, and red are always a classic combo. Isn't this Balenciaga V-Neck Dress major? Both this and the Topshop Chiffon Shift Dress seem like the perfect two LBD's - one feminine and whimsical, the other a little edgier and structured.  

I just discovered the Spanish Chie Mihara shoe label and it's really fantastic. I lived in Spain for three years and I don't remember ever seeing this brand. Wish I would have picked up a few pairs when I was there (since shipping can be a tad $$)! But I highly recommend taking a look at the site- there are are several some fantastic and original designs.

Do Good 
peaceBOMB Story Bangles!  PROJECT PEACEBOMB makes something ugly into something beautiful and for a good cause. These aluminum non-war and war scrap metal bracelets are made from the metal of undetonated bombs. They tell a story about  the Secret War, 1964-1973, during the Vietnam conflict which left Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. Profits go towards supporting artisans in the area, the community development fund , and the removal of undetonated bombs which, at the current rate, will take 800 years to remove.