I Die Friday and Vagina Sculptures for the Home

Some goodies for your ocular enjoyment to send you off on this long weekend!  At the start of the month I  moved into my first apartment solo in NYC! For those of you non-NYCers- this is HUGE. Living alone in this city, if you don't come from oil money, is kind of like finding a decent dude: not impossible but the chances are very slim and you might be closer to 40 when it happens. So I'm ecstatic about landing a Greenpoint studio for an unGODLY reasonable price. I've been obsessing about interior design for about three weeks straight. Much more capable and interested in dressing people but, for the first time ever, I have an interest in interior spaces. I've always felt a little aspergers-y when it comes to interior decorating, not knowing when and where is right or enough, but I'm committed to learning and I'm having fun doing it. Midcentury modern furniture is turning out to be my weakness and someone might have to hold me back from purchasing the above $825 Michael Rosenberg Skyscraper Table. Straight jacket hold me back.

Side note. I was at TJ Maxx this week because, let's be honest, they sometimes  have some amazing steals. And I found this:


Have a great weekend!!!