Hats Are Hard

Siwy Rio, $159 

The Cold Hard Truth is hats are hard to pull off. Mostly because, if you wear a hat in 2012 America,  people WILL judge you. To break it down: people judge you a lot but if you wear a hat they will judge you more. This brings me to my final point - FEDORAS SUCK. I know this point has been made quite a bit but I still see them too much. Seriously just don't do it.  Fedoras had a moment, for one month - it was Brooklyn circa summer  2008 when MGMT played Metropolitan Pool. Then the moment died of diabetus and the ashes were scattered into the wind. Unfortunately those ashes landed in Midtown and were swallowed by people who would eventually occupy overpriced Williamsburg high rises and clog the L train stairs. Besides fedoras, these Midtown transplants would also bring with them flip flops, polo shirts, and maxi dresses while systematically turning Bedford Avenue into St. Marks place.

But I'm not judging. 

Anyways. Clothes. Above are a few great summer options to wear with the Reiss Ava wide brim hat I put on yesterday and walked out of Bloomingdale's wearing -- I did pay for it, reluctantly. Hats are SO risky they really should be free, right? But I liked this hat. We got along. And I think it fit my coloring and features well? Plus the sales girl told me I looked beautiful. I'm sure she really meant it and was not concerned about commission. Finally, this hat is not a Fedora. 

I think this hat will go well with light colored boyfriend shirts and denim shorts this summer. I love these Siwy Rio shorts- I wore a lot of denim diapers last summer (shorts so tiny your ass sticks out) and I'm feeling a tad more modest lately. These Siwy shorts are a really nice fresh take and prevent overexposure. Equipment button downs are my jam. They are kinda pricy but so perfect 100% of the time.

I'll leave you lovely people on this note: wide brims, wide brims, wide brims FEDORAS, FEDORAS, FEDORAS. In this context 'wide brim' is not a sexual term, it is the only kind of hat acceptable this summer.

Stay chic HUNNNTY (as my friend, the beautiful Marty Harper would say).