Patron of the New - a Tribeca Boutique Opening Celebration

Last Thursday Al Abayan (above) kindly invited me to a celebrate the opening of his new Tribeca Boutique, Patron of the New, at 151 Franklin St.  The pieces are intensely well curated, made by designers you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the city let alone the United States.  If you want to find a very special piece, that no one else is wearing, this might be the place to go.  The space is enormous and minimally stocked- a coat here, a few bags there, and for this reason you can really appreciate the items for what they are, art.  The crowd on Thursday seemed to be as carefully selected as the clothing, with a glowing Debbie Harry floating among the intensely fashionable guests.  I am still kicking myself for chickening out in taking a real picture of her (you can see her in the second to last pic, far right blonde (duh) woman).