Tuesday Girl Crush

Marc by Marc Jacobs, F2011 RTW

I'm mainly interested in the model, Lindsey Wixson. Look at the shiny, shiny hair, the dreamy pout, the cheeks!  I am coveting her hair shade- such a 1960's blond.  I actually am kind of apathetic about the outfit. I guess it's OK if you look like her! But seriously... this model's face gets me every time.  What a cutie! 

On second thought, the skirt is actually pretty great-  I like the Navy Uniform-esque buttons. I'm especially digging the below the knee pencil skirts that are popping up all over the place.  They really look adorable when worn with high heeled oxfords and socks. I have a special place in my heart for Navy Uniform inspired clothing.  One of the first fashion statements that I ever made was wearing a pair of my mom's wool Navy uniform bell bottoms.  They were from her college days and she'd scored them at an old Army/Navy Surplus store.  I used to throw them on with a pair of clogs and, circa 1996, I was the shiz.   My mother actually had two pairs that my sisters and I wore so much the bum became threadbare!