These things we hold

Today's post is a mini exploration of unintended accessories, the "things we hold", that define our styles.  It is not just the obvious accessory, such as a purse, that can function as an adornment and speak to we are, our personal style, values, and social status.  A cigarette, a hand mirror, a gun, a skateboard -  these inanimate items held in our hands speak volumes about who we are. They help define how the world perceives our image aesthetically. 

As a side note, the guy with the gun looks overwhelmingly like a Spanish ex-boyfriend of mine. He was the primary drug trafficker for the small Spanish city we lived in...dreamy. Oh to be 19 years old, stupid, and blindingly in love again.

1st Image- photographer : Bran Symondson
2nd image- illustration by: Cailtlin Shearer